10 Behind The Scene Moments At The MMVAs

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The MMVAs are now sadly over, but thankfully we gathered lots behind the scene moments from some of our favourite celebs. We caught Scott Helman and Shawn Mendes hugging and congratulating each other on their performances. And another shocker, Drake surprised his fans by showing up in sweat shorts. Check out what you didn’t get to see on screen.

1. Degrassi’s Luke Bilyk fangirls over our Much creator, Sickick.

Luke Bilyk fangirling over Sickick

2. Fall Out Boy honours a new band member.

Fall Out Boy's new band member

3. Cody Simpson photobombs Degrassi star, Cristine Prosperi.

cody simpson

4. Omi stands patiently in line waiting his turn to for an interview.

Omni in line

5. Singer, Anastasia A brings along designer Jordan Erin Mckay as her plus one.


6. Co-host, Ed Sheeran pumping up singer, Jason Derulo before his performance.

jason and ed

7. Our Much creators, Sickkick and Jus Reign Vlogging mid party.

creators Jus and Sickick

8. Waka Flocka is caught campaigning for Presidency.

Waka Flocka with fans

9. Ed Sheeran giving some MMVAs afterparty advice to Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood.

Ed Sheeran Dominic and Sarah

10. Host, Liz Trinnear and Tyrone Edwards popping bottles to end the show.

tyron and liz

Bonus: The Much creators team up to share their first MMVA red carpet experience.

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