10 Drake On SNL Gifs That Are Relevant To Your Life

Drake on SNL

Drake, the unofficial king of the meme, is a master at getting the Internet buzzing. His latest appearance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend was no exception to the rule.

From dropping some Toronto slang in the “Black Jeopardy” skit, to trying to convince the world that he is more than just a meme, there was an endless amount of LOL moments. There was even a special appearance by his rumoured girlfriend Rihanna.

In typical Drake fashion, this appearance wouldn’t be complete unless there was some way the Internet could adopt and meme-ify it. In case you missed it, here are 10 of Drake’s best SNL moments that are totally applicable to our lives.

When you just left the salon and want everyone to notice


When your sassy best friend comes to your rescue


Every time you try to be sexy


When all your friends are better dancers than you


Any time your mom complains and you’re just over it


When someone gets too close to bae


When a costumer asks to speak to a manager…


…But they don’t know you and your manager are close friends


When you finish getting ready and your friends cancel your plans last minute


When you don’t have enough fare for the bus and you’re trying to convince the driver to let you on