10 Celebrity Couples Who Got Inked For Love


Oh, celebrity love. It’s magical to see and known to easily break. We see so many Hollywood stars fall in love, break-up, fall in love again and break up again. But, within those love phases, some of them really fall in love and would do anything to prove it. Of course, one obvious way to show someone you love them is to get a tattoo…Right? At least that’s what these stars did.

Benji Madden’s latest Instagram post of a new tattoo across his chest saying “Cameron”- yes, that’s in reference to his new wife, Cameron Diaz- provoked us to look through the best and most cringe-worthy celebrity relationship tattoos.


1. Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz


First, we got shocked with a wedding and now this? Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden are definitely a couple that we would have never guessed to have crossed paths, but anything is possible in Hollywood and he’s got the tattoo now to prove it. Benji Instagramed this picture and captioned it ” Thinking about you <3<3<3 #LuckyMan." Oh, gosh.

2. Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey


Ugh, we can’t even look at this without our stomachs turning. Nick Cannon got this tattoo of his soon-to-be ex-wife Mariah Carey back when they were in their unbreakable days. He has since covered the tattoo with a big cross, but we all know what’s underneath. Awks.

3. Nicki Minaj and Safaree Samuel


As you can see, there’s not only one, but two love tattoos. Nicki and Safaree Samuel dated for over a decade, but things ended recently and while she has moved on, he, well, is stuck with the tats.

4. Iggy Azalea and A$AP Rocky


Iggy Azalea was dating rapper A$AP Rocky when she got his named tattooed on her finger. Since their break up, pictures have circulated around the internet with the same tattoo, but with an “x” over it. That seems reasonable. We guess that’s a relief to now-boyfriend, basketball star Nick Young. It’s probs still awks tho.

5. Kat Von D and Jesse James


Kat Von D’s relationship with Jesse James was controversial on its own since they started not too long after he and Sandra Bullock split and the tattoo just made it even more awkward. We were able to experience her surprise tattoo of Jesse’s young face on her ribs on her then-reality show, L.A. Ink. Lucky us!

6. Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez


Jennifer Lopez is such an easy women to love and we totally understand why Marc Anthony had such an urge to get this tattoo. Once again, the love didn’t last and that tattoo is now covered, but on a good note, they are still friends!

7. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline


Do you guys remember the dice? This one almost slipped our minds. This was a rough time for our girl Brit, so we try not to remember it so frequently, but it was a must for our list.

8. Paris Hilton and Nick Carter


Well here’s a crazy throwback. Nick Carter got “Paris” on his wrist and, like the other fairy tales, that love was removed/covered up. The worst part about this tatted love is that they split up only three weeks after they got them. Ouch.

9. Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton


Angelina has been paying for this tattoo for years, as she has struggled very hard to remove it since their divorce in 2003.

10. Beyoncé and Jay Z


This couple is still Crazy in Love so the “IV” on their ring fingers is still considered cute. Of course they will stay forever tho; what other couple could be greater than Beyoncé and Jay Z?

By Maria Henao