15 Years Later: Life Lessons We Learned From ‘School Of Rock’

In 2003, director Richard Linklater released his latest love letter to music on the big screen with School of Rock. In the heartfelt comedy, Jack Black stars as Dewey Finn, an out-of-work musician who poses as his best friend and takes a job teaching at a prestigious prep school. Realizing that his group of fourth graders have hidden rock stars inside of them, Dewey forms a band with the kids and enters them in a Battle of the Bands competition to help him win his rent money. What Dewey doesn’t anticipate is the impact his rock and roll lessons will have on boosting the self esteem of his young protégés. Oh yeah, School of Rock makes us dance and it makes us cry.

The hugely successful film (School of Rock was made for $35 million and grossed $131 million at the box office) continues to resonate with audiences 15 years later, inspiring a Broadway play and most recently, a TV adaptation on Nickelodeon. With an impressive cast lead by Black and including Joan Cusack, Sarah Silverman, and the film debut of Miranda Cosgrove, School of Rock continues to rock after all this time. Rock and roll will never die and neither will the gems of advice we’ve learned from the feel-good flick.

To celebrate today’s 15th anniversary of the film, here are 10 life lessons as told by School of Rock.


1. Everything bad in life is because of The Man. Also note, The Man can also be a woman. No one is exempt from making stuff awful.


2. Music, especially rock and roll is a genuine way to make the world a better place.


3. Being hungover doesn’t mean you’re drunk. It means you were drunk yesterday.


4. To get what you want you have to be creative. We’re not saying lie about having a terminal disease, but you know…improvise.


5. Love yourself at any and every size.


6. You’re not hardcore unless you live hardcore. In conclusion, live hardcore.


7. Being tacky is unacceptable.


8. Being a musician is a fun job. Being a principal at a prep school is not.


9. Learning by song is the best way to learn. Also, nine is a magic number.


10. Lastly and most importantly, rock and roll isn’t about doing things perfect. It’s also not about scoring chicks or getting wasted. It’s about sticking it to the man.