10 Moments Every Hills Fan Will Remember

The Hills

It was 10 years ago this week that MTV premiered reality series The Hills, a spin-off of the series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which of course was a spin-off of the scripted series The OC. In 2006, people really liked spin-offs.

The Hills centered on a group of wealthy twenty-somethings chasing their dreams in LA and using the word ‘drama’ far too frequently. Romantic relationships, friendships and work life were the main topics of conversation and usually in that order. The Hills gave fans many life lessons, mostly on how not to handle situations, and some of the best fashion moments from the 2000s.

To celebrate the series’ 10 year anniversary, here are 10 things every fan of The Hills will remember.

1. When Lauren delivered this line that made the creators of Notting Hill and Love Actually wish they had hired her for their writers room.

notting hill shit

2. When we all laughed about Justin Bobby calling himself Justin Bobby and then stopped laughing when he cut his hair and got super hot.

justin bobby

3. When Brent Bolthouse managed to deliver this line with a straight face to Heidi as she was surrounded by camera operators.


4. The time Lauren cried the most beautiful, Demi Moore-blessed tears.

epic tears

5. The greatest intern office of all time that gave viewers hugely unrealistic work expectations.

sweet intern office

6. Every headband Lauren ever wore and there were MANY.


7. When Whitney fell on live TV and we all died a little inside for her.

whitney fall

8. The delivery of what is likely the nicest thing ever said about Spencer Pratt on TV.

sucky person

9. When the only occurrences of common sense were thanks to Whitney 99.9 per cent of the time.

whitney common sense

10. When Lauren screamed this line at Heidi and everyone was like, dang, maybe this show is real?

you know what you did

Bonus: When Lisa Love delivered the most soul-crushing reality check to Lauren who picked Jason over an internship in Paris.

no paris