10 Moments In One Direction’s ‘Drag Me Down’ That Were Totally Out Of This World


Fri, August, 21 by


Yesterday, One Direction released a brand new music video for their single, Drag Me Down. The track is the band’s first since the departure of Zayn Malik and continues to drive the group’s sound towards a more rock edge, with obvious nods to bands like The Police.

The music video itself follows the four members as they train and prepare for a trip into space. Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis each hone in on their respective skills while performing in a spacious hangar in between training sessions and, yes, they successfully lift off into space at the end.

We broke down the 10 moments that were totally out of this world.

1. When we see Liam training harder than ever for his trip to space.

2. When Niall looked like a pro astronaut.

3. You would totally trust Louis to operate a space rocket.

4. When Harry interacts with his robot twin.

5. When they finally suit up for the big trip into space.

6. When Harry really goes hard on the singing. CHILLS.

7. And when Liam does this move, whatever it is.

8. Whenever we see them performing in the hangar and we can’t help but think of this iconic music video.

9. When they finally lift off and everyone celebrates because we’ve successfully sent a boy band into space!

10. Last but not least: we’re just gonna leave this conspiracy theory right here…


Watch One Direction’s music video for Drag Me Down below!