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The 10 Most Heart Stopping Moments From The New Jason Bourne Trailer

Jason Bourne

The first full trailer for the upcoming Jason Bourne film hit the Internet as promised today and has given fans of the action trilogy the rush of adrenaline we’ve been missing since the last time Matt Damon grabbed a black backpack and made a pen into an instrument of death.

The Operation Blackbriar trainee with no memory has returned, but this time HE REMEMBERS EVERYTHING. Up until now, fans of the series have enjoyed one solitary grainy photo of Matt Damon reprising his role as Bourne (or David Webb if you’re nasty) and a quick ‘what-did-we-just-see’ teaser trailer. Now we have a full trailer of shirtless fights, motorcycle chases, gun battles, inanimate objects being used as deadly weapons (you go, IKEA chair), Julia Stiles’ finally getting to jump on a motorcycle, and people looking rightfully terrified at the mention of Bourne’s name.

The last Bourne film that teamed up Matt Damon and director Paul Greengrass hit theatres in 2007, and well, we’ve been waiting.

Here are the 10 best moments from the new trailer of Jason Bourne.

1. Bourne is back to living in a dingy motel room even though he’s got access to a safe deposit box full of cash and a brain full of how to break into anything. But why? Marie would not want to see him this way.


2. The trailer features flashbacks, including the moment David Webb first killed someone and became Jason Bourne. It’s a shocking scene to include and one that took a lot of build-up in the first few films. This gives us some indication that the new JB instalment will not be wasting any time warming up to the action.


3. “Remembering everything doesn’t mean you know everything.” Hells yes to some explanations!


4. New Bourne means new members of Langely, including Vinyl’s Ato Essandoh, The Danish Girl Oscar winner Alicia Vikander, and screen legend Tommy Lee Jones.


5. Julia Stiles’ Nicky is back and has been on the run since she shared her sly smile in a café at the end of The Bourne Supremacy. How are she and Jason together again? Did he find her in search of answers? Did they match together on Tindr? Tell us!


6. “What if he’s not coming for us? What if it’s something else?” Good question. Judging by today’s new trailer, it appears that Bourne has uncovered a lie that led to him signing his life away to Blackbriar and becoming a solider for hire. Other than serving his country, we’ve never gotten much of a back story on how and why Bourne decided to leave David Webb behind, but it looks like we’re finally going to find out!


7. The new film heads to Las Vegas, a city that Damon and director Paul Greengrass have yet to destroy with elaborate car chase scenes.


8. The famous one-knock punch that first appeared in the teaser trailer during February’s Super Bowl is back, although we’re not any clearer on where or why it’s taking place, just that it’s super badass (note: violence is bad, but very fake movie violence is okay for mature audiences).


9. Jones’ character informs Bourne “You’re never going to find any peace, not until you admit who you are.” Could Jason Bourne finally be the film that answers whether the assassin started out with good intentions or was a bad guy whose amnesia caused him to grow a conscience?


10. Nine years. NINE YEARS. We’ve been waiting.


Jason Bourne hits theatres July 29. Cue Moby.