10 Non-Traditional Ways To Celebrate St. Patty’s Day

The first thing that comes to mind for most people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a whole lot of green beer, followed by a whole lot of green coming out of various parts of our body. It’s just food dye, but for some reason drinking something tinted beer just seems more fun.

If hitting the pub isn’t your idea of a fun St. Patty’s day, no need to worry! We have a few other (non-traditional) ways to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

1. Enjoy a delicious Shamrock Shake.

2. Watch the terrifying film Leprechaun.

3. Watch the romantic film Leap Year.

4. Make a mix of One Direction songs that include only the parts Niall Horan sings.

5. Eat Lucky Charms for breakfast (and lunch and dinner if you so desire).

6. Discuss the best U2 album with your favourite music geek.

7. Dress up your pets.

8. Dress up yourself.

9. Practice your Irish accent. It’s a tough one, so do your best.

10. Keep your eye out for leprechauns in the tree.