10 People You Meet At Every Super Bowl Party

1. The Know-It-FootbALL who is annoyed when anyone else offers an opinion on a play, even if they’re agreeing with The Know-It-FootbALL.

2. The guy who has obviously never watched a game of football, but acts like he was an NFL announcer in a former life. Keep a list of every time he says umpire or asks what when the next period starts.

3. The pop culture junkie who has already watched the commercials online and ruins the endings halfway through.

4. The Dip Hogger, also known as the Double Dipper, the Snack Sneaker, the Bean Dip Bandit, and the Nacho Nachos Only Felon. Note: this person usually contributes zero food or beverage items to the party.

5. The reality TV addict who educates the party on the wives and girlfriends of all the players, even though no one ever asks.

6. The former football player who relates every play to something he once did. This is also know as Al Bundyitis.

7. The little cousin who live-tweets the entire party without ever taking their eyes off their cell phone.

8. The dragalongs. These are girlfriend/boyfriends who have been dragged to the party against their will and spend the entire time rolling their eyes and asking when the game will be over.

9. The Super Fan. This person wishes more than anything they were in the stadium watching the game and not at a party with you. Their face paint and screaming cannot be quieted.

10. The movie lover. This person has acquired all their football knowledge from sports movies. Common questions will include “When do they carry the guy off the field?” and “Do they ever let regular people try out or replace the team if they go on strike?”

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