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10 Quick Thoughts About The New Star Wars The Force Awakens Trailer




Watch it:

Okay, now that we are on the same page. What did you think? Amazing right?

We’re sure there will be some haters out there. Our office is split about whether this was more or less footage than we expected. Some of us thought it would just be a shot of a few ships flying around with some text and some nice landscapes. The trailer version of a lyric video if you will.

But, there are actors in this! And droids! And ships! And a cool lightsaber! And a scary voiceover! Before the in depth analysis starts and the college thesis length sermons on this trailer hit the web, we picked out 10 things about the trailer that got us amped.

Take a look!

John Boyega!


We love that John Boyega is the first person we see. This man rocks. He also saved the trailer from being a long shot of red sand with a voiceover which we thought this may be. He also starred in the amazing indie alien movie Attack the Block about a gang of rough and tumble UK teens who have to defend their apartment building from an alien invasion. So other worlds he knows well!



This adorable little droid reminds us of a hamster wheel. It is very cute.

Daisy Ridley!


We did notice that all of the actors we see are either a visible minority or a woman. The cynic in us thinks it is a strategic response to the initial criticism. But heck, this cast is actually looking to be pretty diverse. Plus, we love seeing newcomer Daisy racing off across the sand.


They are back and as chilling as ever.

Oscar Isaac!


He is seriously having a sci-fi moment. He is going to star in the eerie AI film Ex-Machina and will star as the greatest villain Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse. He looks super cool in an X-Wing Fighter.

X-Wing Fighters!


The Millennium Falcon!


The Villain!


There is so much to be read into the voiceover in this trailer. From the first listen, we have to imagine that this is the big baddie speaking and that the person walking through the woods is also the villain. Adam Driver was once thought to be playing the leader of the dark side until pictures came out of him wearing Rebel Alliance suit. But, if the voiceover is of the villain, it does kind of sound like Adam Driver. But, if we take Darth Vader as an example, the person playing the role doesn’t necessarily voice the character. Who knows? This is all so mysterious.



That is a scary ass lightsaber.

The music!


Oh the music…

What do you think of the trailer? Tweet us @Much to let us know!