10 Reasons Why Charli XCX Is The Most Exciting New Pop Star Of 2014


Wed, December, 17 by

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Charli XCX is not a new artist, but while her past releases have found minor success on the charts, the British singer/songwriter really made her mark on 2014. (You should really check out her 2013 album, True Romance, though; it’s totally underrated and filled with great pop hooks.)

Yes, we all know her major success with Iggy Azalea on the summer anthem, Fancy, but we want to focus on the bigger picture here: her new album, Sucker. A bombastic and fiery display of modern day Girl Power, Sucker is Charli’s big arrival to the pop world and judging by the attention, people are finally coming around to the genius that is this 22-year-old’s music.

But just in case you’re still wondering what the all the hoopla is about, we broke down 10 big reasons why Charli XCX and her album Sucker was one of the year’s biggest and best moments in pop music.

1. Charli doesn’t give a f–k. We repeat, no f–ks given. And that’s an attitude that’s portrayed by many “bad girl” artists out there today, but it’s rarely shown with so much reckless abandon and genuine personality.


2. Just listen to the opening track of her new album, Sucker where she shouts, “F–K YOU, SUCKER!” She effin’ means it.


3. Her performance of Break The Rules at the American Music Awards was a highlight, a ’90s throwback prom moment that gets torn to shreds, much like Charli’s prom dress, and smashed to bits as she wields that giant heart-shaped lollipop. Bad. Ass.

4. And her music video for Breaking Up is an empowering anthem for ditching d-bag boyfriends and having fun while doing it.

5. Charli’s main message is to assume control over your body, your feelings and your life, and live life according to your own rules and young women need that type of empowerment. Stars like BeyoncĂ© and Nicki Minaj totally echo the same messages in their music, but Charli is a (relatively) new artist who’s not afraid to assert herself immediately.

6. For Charli, there are no boundaries in her music. She’s distinctly pop, but is heavily drawing from punk and new wave for a powerful kick to her melodies.

7. She’s not afraid to sing about success, love and, heck, she even talks about masturbation on Body Of My Own because, well, WE ALL DO IT SO DEAL WITH IT.

8. As mentioned, she also talks about love and while she has no problem kicking a man to the curb, she also embraces all-consuming love on the romantic Boom Clap, which is her biggest hit yet.

9. Most importantly, Sucker is a fun album. You can dance to it, you can shout along to the lyrics, but also, these songs are a positive stamp on pop music this year.

10. Now go and listen to Sucker (out now) and watch Charli’s recent performance on Letterman because it is quite literally the best performance of a singer atop a piano in 2014. Bless you, Charli. *Prayer hand emoji*