10 Reasons Why Ed Sheeran’s Girlfriend Is The Coolest


Wed, February, 18 by

Ed Sheeran is a cool guy who needs a cool girl in his life and we think he finally found that in girlfriend, Athina Andrelos. The pair have been dating since last year, but we don’t know much about this brunette beauty. So when we decided to look her up, we were blown away by her coolness. In fact, and don’t tell Ed this, but we think Athina is cooler than Ed! She’s already taken, romantically, but we’d totally line up to become her BFF. Take a look below at the top 10 reasons why we think Athina Andrelos is just the absolute coolest girl in the world right now.

1. She used to be a tour manager
In fact, that’s how she and Ed met! He told Seventeen Magazine: “She was the tour manager for a girl that was my opening act, and now she doesn’t work in music anymore, she works for a chef!” Oh, the serendipity!

2. She has a badass new job
As Ed mentioned, Athina works for a chef now, but not just any chef; she works for Jamie Oliver! Her actual title, according to her Twitter bio, is actually a manager of food stylists and if you’re wondering what that means, it means that she’s responsible for the people who make food look G-O-O-D. And she’s pretty good a styling food herself!

3. Yes, she is a total foodie
Not only does she work for a famous chef, but she is also a big lover of foods in general. A good chunk of her Instagram account is devoted to the beautiful foods she gets to eat every day and she even shared an Instagram/Tweet earlier this month celebrating National Nutella Day!

4. She’s always keepin’ it real
In April, she Tweeted out that: “FYI, I’m not a model (flattering ‘n all, but I’m 5″2 with thighs4dayz). And I sing… but only in the shower, or when Beyonce’s on. Night x” So let’s recap all the realness in this Tweet: she’s open about her body and she loves Bey. This woman is amazing, Ed.

5. And yes, she can sing
Although music isn’t her focus or anything, Athina sure can sing. Just imagine what a duet between her and Ed would sound like!

6. She clearly has a great sense of humour
That’s one way to celebrate Ed’s birthday!

7. She’s an animal lover
When she’s not posting pics of yummy food on Instagram, she’s all about the cute animals!

8. She’s totally Taylor approved
Which is important.

9. She’s super stylish

10. And just look at them together, THEY ARE FRIGGIN’ ADORABLE!!