10 Signs That Prove Summer Is Actually Over


As much as we’d like to believe that summer could last forever, it seems that the end is already near — or already here. Here are 10 indicators that the best four months of the year have past us.

1. Your bank account is depleted
Between paying for summer getaways, festival passes and fall semester’s reading list, you’re basically bankrupt.


2. You’ve already thought of a great Halloween costume
Now you just have to convince your bestie to co-ordinate with you.


3. You’ve busted out your vampy shade of lipstick
And you look FLAWLESS in it.


4. You’re looking forward to all the upcoming fall music releases
Because you need your new fall season anthem.


5. You’ve started to worry about midterms 
And this year, you SWEAR you won’t leave studying until the last minute. (Spoiler alert: you will).


6. People are complaining about Pumpkin Spice Lattes 
Starbucks’ fall staple has already hit cafés and Internet memes everywhere.


7. One word: Layers
Could you be wearing any more clothes?


8. The beach bod is dead
And you’re already bulking for your winter layer of warmth.

beach bod

9. Costco is already selling Christmas trees 
And you ain’t even mad about it.


10. As much as you try to be excited for fall and hide your grief, you’re actually bummed out about the end of summer
Please don’t end, summer.