10 Taylor Swift-Inspired Hangouts Perfect For You And Your BFFs


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Have you ever gotten together with your besties and just thought, “There’s absolutely nothing to do today.” I mean, yes, you love your friends, but sometimes it feels like your only hangout options are watching movies or pigging out (nothing wrong with those things, btw). But you know who is always filled with fun ways to hang out with her pals? Taylor Swift, the queen of friendship.

We snooped around a little and compiled a list of the perfect hangout ideas for you and your closest friends for those days when you’re all lying on the couch thinking, “WE’RE BORED!”

Instead of catching another re-run of your fave show (again, we are very pro-PJs and popcorn, but y’know, gotta spice things up every now and then), get up and do enjoy these fun activities with your friends!

1. Stay in and bake
It not only saves you money on going out and spending lots of money on snacks, but baking and cooking are just a million times more fun when you do it with friends!

2. Or go out and take a cooking class!
Also fun and helps you improve on your cooking skills!

3. Go shopping
Treat yo’ self.

4. Take in a basketball game
Or gather together and watch the game at your BFF’s place because, y’know, we can’t all afford tickets to games.

5. Go on a search for a photobooth
Photobooths (like, the real-deal old school ones) are practically extinct in some cities, so go on an epic mission with your friends to find your nearest photobooth and stage your own mini-photoshoot! Don’t forget to go prepared with a handful of coins! (This handy site has a list of photobooths around the world)

6. Stoop hangs in the summer (with bubble guns!)
When it’s hot out, make a pitcher of lemonade and people watch on your pal’s stoop. It’s guaranteed to be more fun than staying cooped up indoors.

OH! OHHHH… Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…. @britmaack

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7. Jam out with your musically-inclined friends (OR you can all learn to play instruments and start a band!)
It’s never too late to take up an instrument and it’ll be way more fun to do it with friends because you can all help and support one another.

Me, Ed, Cara. Singing songs in the US ambassador's house. What is life.

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8. Have a make-up party
Get glammed up with your BFFs, trade make-up tips and you can either end the night by going out or just wiping it all off and having a cozy sleepover complete with movies and popcorn.

9. Road trip
Set some time off and plan an epic road trip with your friends! You can also split responsibilities like snack preparation and creating playlists.

10. Recreate old photos with your besties
See the evolution of your friendship!