10 Things We Learned From Drake’s Nardwuar Interview


Canada’s most valuable interviewer Nardwuar got the chance to hang out with Canada’s most valuable export, Aubrey “Drake” Graham. In the hour-long interview, the plaid-clad Nardwuar showered Drake and OVO superstar producer Noah “40” Shebib with rare records, books and other quirky gifts. The three dudes talked music, women and Toronto–If you don’t have time to watch the full video, check out the 10 things we learned from this feature!

Drake and 40 met while recording a remix of Divine Brown
While 40 was a recording studio intern, he was given the opportunity to produce Divine Brown’s remix “Twist My Hair,” which Drake appeared on. It was the first day they met, but they both admit they didn’t speak to each other much.


Drake once saw Kardinal Offishall at Yorkdale Mall years ago
Kardinal was wearing a fur Kangol and an Adidas track suit. Drake saw him, he vowed that one day he would be a bigger rapper than Kardinal.


He thinks “The 6” has taken over “T-Dot” as the most popular nickname for Toronto
Fellow Toronto rapper Jimmy Prime coined the term “The 6″—Drake just popularized it.


On “Back To Back”: “I had to do what I had to do”
“Back To Back” was what it was,” he said of the Grammy-nominated diss track. “It was a reaction to somebody trying to challenge my integrity and that’s pretty much what’s going to happen anytime that happens. It is what it is. I had to do what I had to do.”


Pam Grier was his first muse
He claims to still be in love ’70s actress Pam Grier. “She shaped what my idea of what a woman was,” he said. “Pam Grier is what I fell in love with as a young guy.”


Houston makes him better rapper
He even has a Houston H tattooed on his shoulder as an homage to the city: “Houston is a place that they believe in their own style of music and it gave me a lot confidence to come back to Toronto and believe in what we had as well,” he said.


Fring’s has no Harvey’s connection
Drake’s restaurant Fring’s has no connection to the fries/onion rings side made popular by fast food chain Harvey’s. Although he loves Harvey’s with all his heart, it was just a named he came up with.


Jay Z’s “Pop Style” “feature” was never supposed to be a feature
I had asked Kanye to do a verse for me and Kanye just sent it with a Jay Z intro on it,” he explained. “There was never any intention of trying to dress it up as a Jay Z verse.”


On the epic Chaining Tatum line in “Pop Style”
“I’m a Channing Tatum fan and I just wanted to find a way to use his name,” he said. “It’s one of my favourite bars.”


Drake isn’t a character he plays
“I don’t have to think about who i’m going to be…this is just me being myself,” he said. “I try to give my most pure genuine representation of me and the city that I’m from and the people that I love.”


Watch the full interview below!