10 Things That Take Longer Than Voting

Things That Are Faster Than Voting Main

There are only four days left to vote in the upcoming Canadian Federal Election and early polls are open and ready for you to have your safe in the future of Canada.

Think you don’t have time to vote? Think again! Here are 10 things you’re totally going to do today anyways that take more time than voting.

1. Asking someone to watch you whip, then watch you nae nae.

Gif 1

2. Ordering a pumpkin spice latte.

Gif 2

3. Making a new playlist for your commute.

Gif 3

4. Watching Joey Bautista’s bat flip gif five times in a row.

Gif 4

5. Deciding which filter to use on your selfie in front of the polling station.

Gif 5

6. Watching an episode of Broad City Hacks (although you should totally do that as your reward for voting).

7. Saying the names of all four members of One Direction.

8. Making a dubsmash video.

9. Performing an interpretative dance to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off.

Gif 6

10. Running late for work/school/dinner/hangs because you couldn’t find your keys. Now you can tell everyone you were busy voting, making yourself look instantly smarter, cooler, and way, way hotter.

Gif 7

Want to know more about the issues and how you can make your voice heard by voting? Check out MUCHVotes for everything you need to know about Monday’s Federal Election!