10 Things That Wouldn’t Exist Without Twitter


Today marks the 10th anniversary of our beloved social media platform Twitter. Created in 2006, it has now been a decade of retweets, rants, random trending hashtags, and celebrity beefs. In honour of this anniversary we’ve decided to take a look at 10 things that wouldn’t exist without Twitter.

1. Hashtags

Where would we be without hashtags? It’s the easiest way to find out who is talking about the same things you are. Anytime you want to creep someone, follow along with an award show, or connect yourself with a group of people, hashtags have your back. The first one ever was used by social technology innovator Chris Messina in 2007 using #barcamp to bundle together conversations about a global technology gathering.

2. Trending

By far, the trending section is the quickest way to instantly find out what people are talking about. These are the most trending hashtags or mentions that users are tweeting about at a specific moment. From the serious with #JeSuisParis, to ridiculous with #TheDress, the trending topics are the epitome of pop culture.

3. Celebrity Beefs

Twitter has become the easiest way for celebs to get at each other during times of disagreement. Their feuds are so entertaining and Twitter is really the only place this happens. The latest epic beef has to go to Kim Kardashian who called out Bette Midler and Chloe Grace Moretz for not feeling her naked selfie.

4. Celebrity Rants

Where oh where would we be without celebrity rants? When celebrities aren’t censored they can really get their rant on. From Amanda Bynes vs. Rihanna to Taylor Swift vs. Nicki Minaj, there are too many to keep track of. But the king of all Twitter rants has to be Kim K’s hubby Kayne West. Still to this day Yeezus has yet to abdicate his throne.

5. Sub-Tweeting

This is when we get all passive aggressive on Twitter. Sub-tweeting is a way of life whenever you wanna talk crap about someone without them knowing. You simply tweet about someone without mentioning their name, even though it’s clear who you’re talking about.

6. 140 Characters

One thing that we have to thank Twitter for is getting us to think in 140 characters or less. Without Twitter we’d be writing lengthy posts that no one would ever care about. Thank you Twitter for helping us just get to the dang point already.


7. Memes

This brings us to memes. A lot of our favourites could not have started without Twitter. Memes literally explain our daily struggles in one photo with a simple caption. Thanks to Twitter, they are all over the Internet.

8. Viral Videos

While the videos may be short and sweet on Twitter, they definitely make an impact. And Twitter has to be the easiest platform to share these videos on with the hashtags allowing them to trend easily.

9. Surprise Album Drops

Where else would the hottest artists go to announce the surprise release of their albums? From Beyoncé to Kendrick Lamar to Drake, the surprise album release seems like the way to go to get your music talked about.

10. The Phrase “Slide Into Your DMs”

We all have Twitter to thank for the beginning of getting harassed by people through confidential direct messages. Direct messaging allows someone to communicate confidentially and smoothly and the phrase has since become an Internet sensation.


Happy Birthday Twitter, keep doing your thing!