10 Things We Learned From Amy Schumer’s Vanity Fair Cover Story


Amy Schumer is one of the biggest names in the world of comedy. After a massively successful 2015, which saw her star in the hit comedy Trainwreck in July and then wow audiences with her live show at the Apollo Theatre in October, Schumer looks to build on that momentum.

Season four of Inside Amy Schumer premiered last Thursday (April 21) and she will star alongside Goldie Hawn in a movie set for release in 2017. So what happens when you become a massive star? Well, magazines start putting you on their cover and write enormous 5,600 word stories about your career. Not bad for someone who was appearing as “stylist” on 30 Rock only seven years ago.

To read the full article from Vanity Fair, you can click here. Or you can just stick with us and read these 10 things we learned from Amy Schumer’s Vanity Fair cover story.

The Inside Amy Schumer team defies Hollywood’s norms


“The staff has six female writers and four male writers—an unusual ratio for TV comedy, where most series are lucky to have one or two women on their writing teams,” Schumer said.

She’s not lacking in the confidence department


Remember when this happened? While accepting an honor at Glamour U.K.’s Women of the Year Awards, she exclaimed “I’m probably like 160 pounds right now and I can catch a dick whenever I want. Like, that’s the truth. It’s not a problem!”

She has a book coming out about poorly placed tattoos


Two years ago, she canceled a book contract for $1 million with HarperCollins. Last September, she signed a new one for $8 to $10 million, with Simon & Schuster. The result will be a collection of essays now titled The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, which will be published in August.

Her comedy isn’t just enjoyed by other women


Her VF cover pointed out that the audience for Season Three of Inside Amy Schumer was 63 percent male, on average—which was just four points lower than the network’s norm.

She’s a great friend


During the interview, she apologized for her apartment being a mess, saying that a girlfriend had crashed on her couch after a fight with a boyfriend. “We got into a meatball sub and some scotch last night,” she said. “Like, I’m not going to let her get drunk alone.”

She’s super tight with her sister


Her sister, Kim Caramele, lives just 10 blocks from Schumer. She’s four years younger and is married to Vincent Caramele, whom she met as a freshman at Pace University in Westchester—Amy was one of two witnesses at the courthouse wedding.

She’s been performing since a young age


She couldn’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a performer: “As soon as I could make expressions, I was trying to make my parents laugh,” she said.

She got her start on a reality show


Back in 2007, she was a contestant on Last Comic Standing, the NBC summer reality competition. She placed fourth.

A shooting at a screening of Trainwreck inspired a political movement


Amy and her cousin, senator Chuck Schumer started a campaign called Aiming for Change. It looks to “build support for the legislation the senator has introduced that would close background-check loopholes for gun purchasers and help eliminate ‘straw purchases’ by middlemen.”

You don’t want to mess with her


Since Aiming for Change, Schumer’s received numerous death threats thanks to her public opinion on the the Second Amendment. Since then, Schumer hired a bodyguard.