10 Things We Learned From Majid Jordan’s Hot 97 Interview


OVO Sound duo Majid Jordan are dropping their first full-length album this Friday, but before that happens, they stopped by New York radio station Hot 97 for their first live interview and talked about their humble upbringings, meeting Drake, and what to expect from their new record. Here are 10 things we learned about Majid Jordan.

The two first met when Jordan crashed Majid’s birthday party
Majid Al Maskati, 25, and Jordan Ullman, 22, met at Majid’s 21st birthday. Jordan, who was underage at the time, snuck into the bar with his cousin, who was one of Majid’s friends. The two started talking about how they both made music and set plans to work together.

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Hold On We’re Going Home was the first song they wrote together
Drake’s smash hit of 2013, Hold On We’re Going Home, was the first track the duo wrote together. “It was our first song and it’s kind of crazy how our first song was a big chart hit. We were really unknown,” Majid said. “Where we came from and how we started, it was not really in our mind to go chart and pop so big and so fast. We really just wanted to make music for ourselves that we felt should exist.”


They first shared their songs under an anonymous SoundCloud account
The music the duo made was published under the name “Good People”. In the summer of 2012, producer Noah “40” Shebib (who was unknown to Majid at the time) heard their work and passed it onto Drake.


Majid’s father convinced him to make a meeting with 40 and Drake
Majid returned to his home country Bahrain after graduating university. He had plans to apply for jobs in his field of business and was even considering moving to Europe before 40 got in contact with him. When Majid showed his dad the e-mail from 40, his dad did his own research and convinced him to go back to Toronto. “My dad [had] done a full Google search he’s like ‘His name is Noah Shebib, he executive produced Drake’s album and he’s a genius,'” Majid recounted.


Drake completed Hold On We’re Going Home in 24 hours
At this time, Drake had just started working on Nothing Was The Same. Jordan and Majid worked with producer Paul Jeffrie, who goes by Nineteen85, to make the uptempo beat for the track. They gave it to Drake on a USB key for him to drive home to. The next day, the song was completely tracked and recorded. “There have been a lot of 24-hour life-changing Majid Jordan moments,” Jordan said.


They didn’t feel bad giving the first song they wrote to Drake
“The way we approach music is like never feel like the idea that you have today is going to be the last idea you have,” Majid said. “Look forward to the next idea and learn from the ideas that you’ve had previously.”


A Place Like This defined the strange place in their career in 2014
“It was hard to describe. We’re not really making an album yet but we’ve had a huge hit single with another artist. It was a very unique place,” Majid explained.


They love Toronto
Jordan was raised in Markham and Majid has only been in the city for seven years, but they both love The 6ix. “I believe we’re a product of a great city,” Majid said. “Toronto—it’s young, it’s vibrant, it’s experimental, it’s open-minded.”


Norm Kelly followed Jordan on Twitter but didn’t follow Majid
“Norm Kelly, what’s up with that?!” Majid pleaded. Since the interview aired, Councilman Kelly has indeed followed Majid on Twitter.

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For now, they’re keeping collaborations to a minimum
Their new album doesn’t have any features on it besides Drake. When they record songs, they’re usually together in the same room with no one else, so there weren’t many opportunities to invite guests onto their album. “It’s the first project, so it should be as true to us,” Jordan said. The duo is into “meeting people naturally” for collaborations, but cited legendary producer Quincy Jones is someone they’d love to work with.


You can watch the full interview here. Check out their video for My Love below!