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10 Things We Learned From The Girl On The Train Trailer

The Girl On The Train Trailer

Fans of Paula Hawkin’s thrill The Girl On The Train are in for another thrill today with the release of the first trailer for the highly anticipated book adaptation.

The story centres around alcoholic divorcee Rachel (Emily Blunt), who watches a perfect couple from the window of her commuter train every day. When Rachel learns the wife has gone missing and her ex-husband and his new wife are friends of the couple, she entangles herself in solving the case.

The impressive cast is rounded out by Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Luke Evans, Haley Bennett, Edgar Ramirez and Allison Janney, who all appear in the new trailer.

The first trailer for the film stays true to the book, but does include a few surprises for fans. Here’s what we learned today.

1. Although Blunt keeps her native accent, the film was shot and set in New York and not the U.K.

2. Laura Prepon plays Rachel’s roommate Cathy, but it looks like we’re going to have to wait until the film to catch a glimpse of the Orange Is The New Black star.

3. Lisa Kudrow is also absent from the trailer, but we’re okay with that. We need a few more months to wrap our heads around the idea that the Friends star is playing a character named Monica. Don’t even get us started that Rachel’s real-life husband being in the film…

4. The film is using bangs, the international symbol for different time-periods for actresses, to distinguish between Blunt’s Rachel in present time and before she was divorced.

5. The trailer features a slowed-down, cryptic version of Kanye West’s “Heartless” to perfectly capture the dark and twisted vibe of the film.

6. For those who haven’t read the book, the trailer unfortunately gives quite a bit away, although the quick slicing of scenes and similarity in looks between the three male leads will hopefully keep the twisting and turning plot largely a mystery to viewers.

7. Fans of both the book and film adaptations of Gone Girl and Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will enjoy the dark thriller The Girl On The Train.

8. We also just realized all three titles have the word ‘Girl’ in them.

9. Emily Blunt’s Rachel is a lonely alcoholic going through an identity crisis. You’ll have to keep that in mind while watching the new film, because as we see in the trailer, it’s impossible to make the English actress look anything but stunning.

10. If you’re getting married soon, maybe watch this film after you say ‘I do’.

The Girl On The Train hits theatres October 7.

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