10 Times ‘The Hills’ Had No Chill

The Hills may have ended in 2010, but that doesn’t mean that Lauren, Heidi and Kristin’s most dramatic, reckless and blunt behaviour will ever expire. With the anniversary special of The Hills: That Was Then, This Is Now quickly approaching (August 2. We repeat, August 2.) we decided to throw it back to 10 times The Hills cast had absolutely no chill.

1. When Heidi Crashed Lauren’s First Teen Vogue Event

sneak us in

One of Lauren’s first assignments as a Teen Vogue intern was to guard a private sitting area at one of the magazine’s social events. Unfortunately for Lauren, her BFF/roomie Heidi took it upon herself to crash the party with a few of her friends. Heidi caused a scene that Lauren’s boss couldn’t ignore, which resulted in a stern lecture from Lisa Love. If we were Lauren, we would have dropped Heidi from the first episode.

2. Heidi’s School Interview With The Director Of Admissions

dean the hills

heidi school interview

Heidi never cared about going to school and she made that perfectly clear in her interview with her school’s Director of Admissions in season one. When asked what her goals were, Heidi said confidently, “I want to be the fun party PR girl in L.A.”

3. When Lauren Became “The Girl Who Didn’t Go To Paris”


At the end of season one, Teen Vogue editor Lisa Love offered Lauren the chance of a lifetime: the opportunity to go to Paris for the summer. Though the idea of going to Paris is every fashionista’s dream, Lauren foolishly chose to pass up Love’s offer so that she could spend the summer in L.A. on with her then-boyfriend, Jason Wahler. Silly Lauren. Or should we say, “Silly girl who never went to Paris?”

4. When Lauren And Whitney Sang “Fashion School Dropout”

fsn school droupout

In the first season, Heidi really, really, really didn’t like going to school. So much so that she had no problem with dropping out after receiving a job offer from an event planning business that she initially ended up hating. Her then-BFF Lauren had absolutely no problem with voicing her opinion on that decision.

5. Stephanie Pratt Working For People’s Revolution

the-hills Stephanie PR

Remember when Lauren got Spencer’s sister a job at Kelly Cutrone’s PR firm, People’s Revolution? Stephanie hung up on clients, printed labels incorrectly and then complained that she needed to go on a manhunt to take a break from the stress. Let’s not forget about that time when she told Cutrone that her PR job objective was to be a handbag designer. Stephanie was so bad, that Kelly Cutrone made Lauren fire Stephanie herself.

6. Lauren’s Boyfriend Bashing

he's a sucky person


Lauren’s burning hate for Heidi’s then-boyfriend Spencer wasn’t something she ever tried to hide. And when it came to dissing her friends’ unworthy boyfriends (here’s looking at you, Justin Bobby), there was no shortage of no chill moments.

7. Kristin Cavallari

kristen wave

From her petty entrance wave to Lauren to “YOU F*CKED WITH THE WRONG GIRL!”, Kristin Cavallari was the definition of drama. She said the first thing that came to mind and didn’t care what people thought of her. She was just doin’ Miley.

8. Lauren and Heidi’s “You Know What You Did!” Altercation


After Heidi moved out, Lauren got wind of that someone (Heidi and Spencer) had started a rumour about her having a sex tape. When the two saw each other at a club in L.A., a confrontation ignited between the two that was the absolute definition of “no chill.”

9. Spencer Pratt


Just like Kristin, Spencer Pratt was a no chill king since his introduction onto the show. Remember that time he blatantly told Lauren that he would never be her friend? Or the time he called his sister a “crazy b*tch” because she started crying at a BBQ? That was no chill to the max.

10. When Lauren Left Speidi’s Wedding


It was sweet of Lauren to show up to Heidi and Spencer’s wedding even though she clearly had no interest in going. Once she had done what she came to do, Lauren had absolutely no problem with sneaking out of the ceremony, creating an exit to rival Kristin’s entrance just moments before.

BONUS: The Set Reveal


MTV had 100% no chill when they pulled back the camera on Brody and revealed that The Hills had basically been a Hollywood set the entire time. Not cool MTV, we’re still not over that.

The Hills: That Was Then, This is Now special, airs August 2 on MTV at 10/7p. Tune in to see LC look back on the best no chill moments from the show and dish all of her never-before-heard secrets.