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11 Reasons We Should All Live Like Winnie The Pooh


When the news broke that revealed Canada’s favourite stuffed bear Winnie the Pooh is actually a girl , we started to question everything we ever knew and loved about him, er, her.

As it turns out, Winnie was based on a real-life black bear, who was in fact, a girl. She belonged to a military man during World War I. Eventually, Winnie ended up in a London zoo. That’s where Christopher Robin saw her. He decided to name his own bear, who was a boy, Winnie as well. A.A. Milne named the character of books after his son’s stuffed toy, and the rest was history.

But regardless of Pooh’s—the real-life or stuffed bear’s—assigned or assumed gender, it doesn’t change the fact that Pooh just gets us. (S)he remains the most relevant fictional bear to date, despite being over 100 years old. Here are 11 reasons we should all live our lives a little more like Pooh Bear.

Because he has his priorities in order


And knows that breakfast is the most important meal in the day


He’s easy-going and carefree AF


His comfy lux sleepwear is on point, and he probably gets eight hours of rest a night


He always takes time to stop and think


And knows that it’s okay to have bad days


He perfectly depicts the disappointment you feel when you finish your food


He’s totally body positive and doesn’t conform to society’s unrealistic physical standards


And he loves all his curves


And most of all, because he knows that friendship was the most important thing in life


AND he always takes time to enjoy the sweeter things in life. UH HUH HUNNY