11 Times A Featured Artist Stole The Show

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There is nothing a music lover appreciates more than when their favourite artists come together to create magic. In these magical moments of collaboration, there are many times when the featured artist just spits fire on the track. They overshadow the main artist to the point you forget whose song it’s supposed to be.

The remix of French Montana’s “All The Way Up” featuring New York’s Fat Joe, Remy Ma and Jay Z caused the Twitterverse to erupt in praise. Though the whole remix is amazing, Jay Z stole the show when he rapped about the elevator incident with Solange, addressed Lemonade for the first time and mentioned a joint album with wife Beyonce.

You know you’ve heard other songs where a featured artist steals the show. No need to scroll through your iTunes library—we have the fire features right here!

1. “Unpredictable” – Ludacris

Jamie pushed out a lot of bangers during this time, but on this song, no one can forget when Ludacris says, “the spontaneous express” in his smooth voice. You can’t expect anything less from “Chris Luva Luva” who used to be the voice of a radio station in Atlanta.

Most fire verse: Let me put a little bit of excitement/ Up in yo lifestyle/ You gotta know the times of the essence/ I’m talkin’ right now

2. “Monster” – Nicki Minaj

This verse was so fire, it’s the only one you can find on YouTube. Did you even remember Rick Ross, Jay Z, and Kanye West were on the song? This song was released when Nicki Minaj was still a bubbling artist. It’s arguably one of her best verses to date before her music became more pop-oriented.

Most fire verse: Pull up in the monster automobile gangster/ with a bad bitch that came from Sri Lanka/ yeah I’m in that Tonka, colour of Willy Wonka/ You could be the King but watch the Queen conquer

3. “Empire State Of Mind” – Alicia Keys

When you and your friends sing along to this song, it’s usually just to Alicia Keys’ part. The chorus is so infectious, it stole the spotlight from all of Jay Z’s verses. Though, he did talk a lot about that one city… what’s it called again?

Most fire verse: New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of/ There’s nothin’ you can’t do/ Now you’re in New York/ These streets will make you feel brand new/ The lights will inspire you

4. “Lady Marmalade” – Christina Auguilera

Though this was a joint effort between Christina Aguliera, Mya, Pink, and Lil Kim, it’s Aguilera’s signature runs and riffs that everyone remembers the most. Who hasn’t tried to hit those “hey, hey, hey”s at least 100 times in their life?

Most fire verse:
Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth/ color of cafe au lait alright/ Made the savage beast inside roar until he cried/ More-more-more

5. “American Boy” – Kanye West

Would this song have been as popular if Kanye wasn’t on it? Most likely, Estelle wouldn’t have broken into the western market if Kanye didn’t add the fire this track needed. Also, hearing Kanye speak in British slang adds to the allure of the song.

Most fire verse:
Dressed smart like a London Bloke/ Before he speak his suit bespoke/ And you thought he was cute before/ Look at this peacoat, tell me he’s broke

6. “I’m On One” – Drake

Not only does Drake sing the catchy chorus, he also raps the opening verse. Does anyone remember what happens after Drake is done rapping? Probably not, because the song is basically over by that point.

Most fire verse:
With my skin tanned and my hair long/ And my fans who been so patient/ Me and 40 back to work but we still smell like a vacation

7. “Post To Be” – Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko made herself a household name by saying a man could only be with her if he “eats the booty like groceries.” Aiko’s soft, sweet voice makes the line sound less vulgar, almost like she is just talking about a walk in the park.

Most fire verse:
If your dude come close to me/ He gon’ wanna ride off in a ghost with me/ I might let your boy chauffeur me/ But he gotta eat the booty like groceries

8. “Forever” – Eminem

This song appeared on the soundtrack for Lebron James’ documentary More Than a Game in 2009. Though this song might have brought Drake on the mainstream map, it was Eminem’s verse that provided the energy the track needed. His verse is so infectious you can’t help but aggressively bump your head to it.

Most fire verse: There they go, packing stadiums as Shady spits his flow/ Nuts they go, macadamian they go so ballistic, whoa

9. “Knock You Down” – Kanye West

In 2009, before Yeezus and the streams of consciousness, Kanye West was showing Keri Hilson some love. This song showed his softer side as he fights for a woman he loves, much different than the man who left Ellen Degeneres speechless.

Most fire verse: They say I move too quick, but we can’t let the moment pass us/ Let the hourglass pass right into ashes/ Let the wind blow the ash right before my glasses/ So I wrote this love letter right before my classes

10. “My Chick Bad” – Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj is the female emcee rappers call when they want their track on the Billboard 100. This girl breathes fire. Ludacris’ song would have been very lacklustre and forgettable if it weren’t for Minaj’s verse.

Most fire verse: It’s going down, basement, Friday the 13th guess who’s playing Jason/ Tuck yourself in you better hold on to your teddy/ It’s nightmare on Elm street and guess who’s playing Freddy

11. “Look At Me Now” – Busta Rhymes

This song came out five years ago and we still haven’t performed Busta Rhymes’ verse right yet. We’ve come to the conclusion that it is impossible for a human to rap like that. He must be part of the X-Men.

Most fire verse: And I come to give you more and I will never give you less/ You will hear it in the street or you can read it in the press/ Do you really wanna know what’s next?