12 Times Kourtney Kardashian And Scott Disick Made Us Believe In Love


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Yesterday, it was reported that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick have officially called it quits after nine years together. The couple, who have three kids together, have documented much of their relationship on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, from their intense fights to all three of Kourtney’s pregnancies.

Even though the two have had some huge fights on and off screen, Scott and Kourtney still remained one of the show’s most beloved couples (and the longest-lasting among the Kardashian sisters, so far). When they weren’t butting heads over everything from extravagant purchases to couponing (remember that episode?), the two have shared plenty of amazing moments together, many of which really made us swoon.

Take a look below at some of Kourtney and Scott’s best moments.

1. When Scott tried to woo Kourtney by playing the piano (even though he had no clue how to play the piano).

2. The most heartfelt thing Scott has ever said to Kourtney.

3. Every single time Kourtney knew Scott was bad news, but couldn’t help but love him anyway.

4. That time Scott used the best song reference ever.
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5. Because Scott’s really good with words, especially of the romantic variety.
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6. Their quirky connection may look weird from the outside, but weird exchanges like these are actually pretty heartwarming once you get to know their strange sense of humour.
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7. And every now and then, they give each other really meaningful advice.

8. Scott was there for Kourtney during each of her pregnancies.

9. They have one of the cutest families ever.
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10. They were just always in sync with each other.
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11. Like, seriously.
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12. They had their differences, but moments like these totally made us believe in love.
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R.I.P. to one of our fave couples of all time. *SOBS*

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