12 Ways The Six Would Change If Justin Timberlake Moved To Toronto

JT Move

The rumours are in and it looks like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel may be making the Six their home. The celebrity coupled are rumoured to be considering moving to Toronto after growing tired of constantly being hounded by paparazzi in LA.

Timberlake allegedly told a magazine that after a recent road trip through Toronto, he and Biel fell in love with the city. “We’re still looking at houses. Not sure if we want to live within the city or possibly have a place in the country nearby,” said Timberlake.

Sure, this could just be the internet getting our hopes up, but what if it is legit? How would the two superstars, namely Timberlake, affect T.O.? We’ve made some educated guesses.

1. More Appearances On SNL

The plane ride between Toronto and NYC is much shorter than LA to New York, which could mean more surprise appearances on the long-running series by the hilarious musician.


2. Visits From Jimmy Fallon

Where Justin Timberlake goes, Jimmy Fallon follows and vice versa. If Timberlake makes the move to Toronto, you can bet there will be an increase in sightings of the Tonight Show host in the T Dot and maybe even a few special episodes shot in the city.

3. Ditto For Andy Samberg

Bros in all different area codes.

4. More Chances For Mortifying Experiences

Maybe you’re someone who remains calm and collected when they run into one of their favourite celebrities on the street. Or, maybe you’re like the rest of us and react more in the Jillian Bell-realm. Get ready to keep your eyes and ears open for possible JT sightings on the streets of TO. Just try to not mention any butt stuff.

5. Increase In People Golfing

If you’re a golfer, expect to see more people on the green if JT makes the move to the GTA. The avid golfer likes to get his putt putt-on, making golf courses a prime location to spot the superstar.


6. Actually, An Increase In All Sporting Events Attendance

Timberlake may have a soft spot for golf, but the sports fan has been seen at just about every professional event around. Get ready to play Spot-The-Timberlake when watching the Toronto Raptors, the Toronto Blue Jays, the Toronto Maple Leafs, and the TFC.

Sporting Events

7. New Line of William Rast

With his new surroundings, Timberlake could channel his creativity into a Canadian line of his William Rast clothing. We’re thinking tailored sweats, some nice flannel elements, and extra pockets for our Tim Horton’s rims.


8. Canadian Collaborations

Timberlake has been photographed back in the studio recently and if his move to Toronto takes place before his next album, we may be seeing an increase in appearances on the disc from Canadian singers and producers. Alessia Cara, keep your phone nearby!

9. JUNOs Host 2017

The guy really, really likes hosting things.


10. Charity Events

The former NSYNC member has always had a soft spot for charities, so this may be a good time to join a Board and suggest booking a big pop star for next year’s fundraiser.

Charity Events

11. More Movie Roles

Okay, okay, we know there are a few movies filmed in LA every year. A least a handful. But there’s also lots of films being shot in Toronto year-round. A move for Timberlake could mean an increase in big screen roles for the budding thespian.

Movie Roles

12. Mickey Mouse Club Reunion