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13 Things We’ll Miss About Katniss


It’s been four years since we first met District 12’s finest archer. This weekend we say goodbye to her as the final chapter in the Hunger Games series arrives in theatres. In Mockingjay—Part 2, Katniss Everdeen leaves the relative safety of District 13 and returns to the Capitol with a mission: the assassination of President Snow, the man responsible for pretty much everything that sucks in Panem.

The path to Snow’s mansion won’t be an easy one though. Under siege by the other Districts, the city has been turned into a minefield with deadly Pods around every corner. Accompanied by a squad that includes Gale, Finnick, Cressida, and a super unstable Peeta, Katniss and her crew aim to make their way across 75 city blocks filled with crazy Capitol technology, all designed with one purpose: killing the rebels to death. Suddenly the Hunger Games arenas look like weekends at the cottage.

Will Katniss get her happy ending, and what will it cost her? Will she finally decide between Peeta and Gale? What will Effie Trinket wear to the victory party? While the law of diminishing returns definitely applies to the franchise’s fourth installment, Mockingjay—Part 2 doesn’t disappoint when it comes to supplying the answers to Hunger Games fans’ most pressing questions.

But there’s one thing we’ve never questioned: Katniss’ ability to be a total badass who’s never needed the odds to be in her favour. Ever. Here are the 13 things we’ll miss most about her… one for each District in Panem.

  1. Her awesome public speaking skills.


  1. Her love for her sister.


  1. Her ability to talk her way out of a bad situation and her ability to shoot her way out of one.


  1. Her adorable friendship with Haymitch.


  1. Her knack for taking a bullet/hit of Tracker Jacker venom/close encounter with a Lizard Mutt all without dying.


  1. Her talent for winning over the mean girl.


  1. She’s got a silly nickname, but nobody teases her about it. Mock the Mockingjay at your peril.


  1. Her ability to turn melodrama into straight up drama.


  1. Her total disregard for authority. Especially when that authority is corrupt.


  1. Her sarcasm.


  1. The fact that she managed to juggle two boyfriends over the course of four movies.


  1. The genius way that she can go incognito with just a simple cape and hood.


  1. Her skill for smelling a rat from 50 paces away.