14 People Who Have Been Visibly Uncomfortable With Taylor Swift’s Dancing


Thu, February, 26 by

Ah, Taylor Swift’s awkward dance moves. Some love it, some hate it, many who have been lucky enough to witness it in person are it complete awe and/or are absolutely mortified. Taylor is of course allowed to do whatever she wants and we love her free-spirited personality. We applaud her ability to shamelessly enjoy events! But over the years, there have been many an unimpressed faces next to Taylor’s flailing arms, hair flips and body waves. Take a look below at 14 people who have looked visibly uncomfortable standing next to or near Taylor’s unstoppable dance moves.

1. This guy

2. This guy

3. And this guy (is that the same guy?)

4. Everyone sitting during this Kendrick Lamar performance at the 2014 Grammys

5. This girl

6. Selena Gomez (if you can spot her sitting down)

7. Jason Derulo

8. Another dude

9. This backstage worker

10. Ed Sheeran

11. We know they’re pals, but you’ve got to admit that Lorde looks a little uncomfortable here

12. Sam Smith

13. Pharrell

14. Kim Kardashian