15 Reasons You Can’t Miss The Golden Globes On Sunday

14 Reasons To Watch Globes

The 73rd Annual Golden Globes air this Sunday at 8 pm on CTV and CTV GO and represent one of our favourite awards shows of the year for a number of reasons.

The Globes are the unofficial kick off to awards season, followed by the SAG Awards and of course, the Oscars. The Globes are the show that’s willing to take some risks (see: Gervais, Pohler and Fey) and that includes serving the audience alcohol. Bless you, Globes Gods. We also love that the Globes combine film and TV, our two favourite things next to music and breathing and on most days, coffee.

As if these weren’t enough reasons to tune in Sunday night, here are 15 more.

Watch the 2016 Golden Globe Awards hosted by Ricky Gervais on Sunday at 8 pm on CTV and CTV GO.

15. Celeb Fan-Girling

Take actors from the TV and film worlds and mix them together in a tight space with communal tables and you’ve got A-listers and B-listers (and sometimes C and D-listers) going nuts with selfies.


14. The Over Zealous Cast

While the Oscars pride themselves on being refined, the Golden Globes serve food and booze and we thank them for that. It’s the fuel that gives casts the feeling that they’re cheering on their winning buddy at a Grade 10 basketball game during Spirit Week.


13. Off-Script Banter

We know that writers spend weeks putting together the dialogue for presenters at the Globes, but we love the spur of the moment jokes that actually work (comedians only, please!).

13 Off Script

12. The Friendship Moments

We’ll be looking closely, Amy and Jennifer.


11. The Grumps

Seeing multi-millionaires who are adored around the world get annoyed at having to share a table with mere mortals warms our hearts.


10. The Shade

Whether it’s on the red carpet or during a speech and sharing a table with another actor, someone at some point will throw shade. We just hope the cameras are fast enough to catch the chilly eyeroll.


9. The Indifferent Winner

Every award show has at least one. The artist who is too cool for award shows. We respect your blase-ness, and we also respect how much everyone in your category hates you.


8. The Surprise Cameo

We have some big expectations, Gervais.


7. The Non-Winner Cam

We don’t like the word ‘loser’ and we think it’s pretty mean to keep the camera rolling on the four actors/directors who don’t make it to the podium after the winning name has been announced. But it does make for great gif moments.


6. The Dreaded Teleprompter

We can rescue Matt Damon from every imaginable landscape, but Hollywood still hasn’t mastered a teleprompter everyone can read.


5. The Possible Couples

Award season is a great time for celebs to reveal if the dating rumours surrounding themselves and their equally hot co-stars are true. Watch the red carpet for some hot and heavy handholding…or just Leonardo DiCaprio bringing his mom again.


4. The Heartfelt Speeches

I’m not crying, you’re crying!


3. The Awkward Speeches

We love the emotional, tear-filled speeches, but those rarely make for good water cooler conversation on Monday morning. What gets us meme-ing is the artist who wins big and then gives an odd, rambling, trying-to-be-political-but-not speech. Throw in a couple bleeped moments and we’re in award show heaven.


2. The Clothes

Okay, okay, we know the Globes are all about honouring the best in film and TV and those are two things we love (we have the couch indents to prove it). But seeing Hollywood A-listers wearing incredible gowns and jewels (and even better – questionable gowns and jewels) is an event unto itself.


1. Two words: Ricky Gervais

The British comedian is back for a fourth year and if his previous three hosting gigs have taught us anything, it’s that Ricky says what Ricky wants and that’s just how we like it.