15 Signs You Were A Twi-Hard In 2008

Twilight, Twihards

On November 21, 2008, the highly anticipated first instalment of the film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s hugely popular Twilight trilogy hit theatres. Breaking box office records around the world, Twilight continues to hold the fifth spot in history for films with the most advanced ticket sales and has the highest opening weekend for a film directed by a woman (Catherine Hardwicke). The worldwide success of Twilight caused the film studio to break up Meyer’s fourth book into two films, with stars Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner catapulting into household names overnight. If you were a Twihard, 2008 was a great time to be alive…or undead.

Ten years later and the love for Twilight continues, with the books and films finding a new audience every day. While Twilight fever has somewhat subsided in the decade since the film was first released, its magnitude in 2008 cannot be underestimated.

Here are 15 signs you were a Twihard in 2008.

1. Any future children/pets/cars would be named Bella.


2. Casual dating was for people who didn’t believe in love.


3. Your bedroom décor and wardrobe consisted almost entirely of Twilight merch.


4. Your life became divided into groups of ‘People Who Love Twilight’ and ‘Other.’


5. Your biggest decision was which iconic line from Twilight to get permanently inked on yourself once you were old enough for a tattoo.


6. Your dream car became a beat up old truck.


7. You were not interested in hearing that the love story in Twilight was highly problematic.


8. You got really excited when a new kid started school.


9. You filmed your own reaction to this trailer.


10. You suddenly got really into baseball during lightning storms.


11. You had very high expectations for prom.


12. You knew every word to this song. Every. Single. Word.


13. You waited outside to see one of the film’s stars and definitely made a sign.


14. You bought every edition of Twilight when new covers came out.


15. You knew there was never a more iconic trio.