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15 Songs From The ’90s Every Canadian Will Remember


Thu, October, 23 by

There is a distinct difference between growing up in Canada and everywhere else in the ’90s. While we can all remember the hits by the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears or even Nirvana, only Canadians will look back fondly on acts like Moist or Love Inc. Back in the day, Much would spin those videos so much that it’s almost impossible to forget how handsome The Moffatt brothers looked or the colourful videos of Prozzak. Those were things that surely had some success outside of Canada, but Canadians will always hold dearest to their nostalgic hearts.

Here are 15 songs from the ’90s that Canadians will definitely remember the most:

1. The Moffatts — Girl Of My Dreams
Ah, Canada’s answer to Hanson. The Moffatts were the ultimate crushes of Canadian girls who grew up in the ’90s. The four brothers wooed their fans with sappy love songs and their two-toned mushroom haircuts. When they sang Girl Of My Dreams, we all imagined ourselves as that girl. Swoooon.

2. Love Inc. — Superstar
If you went back to the days when Much would host Electric Circus, Toronto act Love Inc. would probably come to mind as Canadian Eurodance stars. Superstar was one of their biggest hits in their short, but memorable career.

3. Sarah McLachlan — Sweet Surrender
Sarah McLachlan was a big effin’ deal in Canada back in the day. Songs like Sweet Surrender helped solidify her as one of the country’s biggest singer-songwriters and Canadians will surely remember seeing this video in particular on high rotation at Much.

4. Snow — Informer
Although people outside of Canada will recognize this song, Canadians will forever remember rapper Snow and his big hit Informer. I mean, even his name is super Canadian.

5. Moist — Push
Here are two names all Canadians will know: Moist and David Usher. The alt-rock band and its leader were staples in our music scene and are, in fact, back together! The band reunited last year and released a new album, Glory Under Dangerous Skies, earlier this month.

6. Serial Joe — Mistake
This is probably considered as one of the most memorable one hit wonders in Canadian music. In retrospect, Serial Joe is kind of like what Justin Bieber would look like if he joined a rock band. Watch the video below and think about that a little.

7. Len — Steal My Sunshine
How awesome was this song? Like, seriously. We still listen to this famous Len song every now and then and bonus: Leslie Knope even played it in an episode of Parks & Recreation. It’s got the Amy Poehler stamp of approval!

8. Rascalz — Northern Touch
Long before Drake came onto the scene, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Checkmate and Choclair were at the forefront of Canada’s hip hop scene and together, they gave us one of the best tracks of the ’90s, Northern Touch.

9. Prozzak — Sucks To Be You
Nothing is more ’90s than the animated duo Prozzak. I mean, just look at the video below. Simon and Milo were best known for their lovelorn songs that had the most insanely catchy choruses. For more evidence, watch Strange Disease and www.nevergetoveryou. But here’s the real question: where the eff is Simon’s neck?

10. Bran Van 3000 — Drinking In L.A.
Drinking In L.A.? More like drinking in Montreal (with a side of poutine).

11. Tal Bachman — She’s So High
This Canadian wrote one of our fave songs of the ’90s, which is pretty much a karaoke staple for us nowadays. Trust us, nothing is more satisfying than hitting those high notes.

12. Bass Is Base — I Cry
Another noted one hit wonder, Bass Is Base’s I Cry made it big in 1996 and they even won a Juno Award for Best R&B/Soul Recording. If you miss this band, you can catch MC Mystic a.k.a. Roger Mooking on the Food Network nowadays with his show Everyday Exotic!

13. Sky — Love Song
Here’s a thing I’ve noticed every time I talk about Sky: no one remembers their name, but once you hum the tune of Love Song or Some Kind Of Wonderful, it automatically hits them. Something tells me that they probably got them mixed up with a band like Savage Garden, but nope, Sky were Canada’s very own and we will forever be grateful for the hits they gave us.

14. Our Lady Peace — Superman Is Dead
Our Lady Peace’s Clumsy will probably go down as one of the best Canadian albums of the ’90s and it’s all thanks to songs like Superman Is Dead. On a personal note: this was one of the first videos I remember watching on Much growing up and yes, it scared the living sh*t out of me at the time.

15. Bryan Adams feat. Melanie C — When You’re Gone
Remember when your fave Spice Girl teamed up with Canadian singer Bryan Adams and it was like your wildest dreams had come true? UGH, THIS SONG IS SO GOOD I DON’T CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS.