15 Times Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz Made Us LOL


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We’ve already been blasting Fall Out Boy’s music all week, in preparation for their upcoming performance at this year’s MMVAs, but now we have another reason to put FOB on repeat: it’s bassist Pete Wentz’s birthday today!

To celebrate Pete’s 36th, we’ll probably be listening to the band’s latest album, American Beauty/American Psycho, all day, but also, we’ve decided to comb through the interwebs to find some of Pete’s funniest moments because, trust us, there are a lot. Take a look below at the 15 moments that make us simultaneous LOL and swoon. Happy birthday, Pete!

Catch Fall Out Boy at this year’s MMVAs alongside performers Nick Jonas, Jason Derulo, The Weeknd, Scott Helman, Mia Martina feat. Waka Flocka, Carly Rae Jepsen, Tori Kelly, Shawn Mendes and this year’s co-host, Ed Sheeran, on Sunday, June 21!

1. That time he couldn’t stop falling or shall we say “LeBroning”.

2. Pete accepted Sia’s 2015 APRA Music Award and he rocked a hilarious speech (and her signature blonde wig).

3. That time Pete went record shopping with Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus and their natural rapport made our pop-punk lovin’ selves giggle with joy.

4. Fall Out Boy did these weird MTV spots about wind power and women’s rights back in the day that were both smart and funny.

5. When he commemorated the anniversary of this uh-mazing photo by posting a photoshopped version of the pic on Instagram.

Happy seven year anniversary!

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6. Panic! At The Disco’s Brendon Urie got sh*tfaced once and retold the story of how Fall Out Boy got together and the band reenacted that hilarious story. Who needs a Behind The Music special when you can just get Brendon Urie to retell the story?! [Warning: explicit language.]

7. When he “fixed the internet”.


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8. And then joined the Illuminati. Sort of.

At the louvre…

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9. When his bromance with Patrick Stump went from human to…bird form.

Jus flew home from tour.

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10. This cute GIF.

11. And this one.

12. Oh, and this.

13. Okay, one more.

14. Thanks to the genius who made this, btw.

15. Oh Pete, thank you for making us laugh when you’re not entertaining us with your wonderful music. Have the most amazing birthday and we’ll see you on Sunday, June 21 at the 2015 MMVAs!!