15 Years Later: The Best Music Moments From ‘A Walk To Remember’

Fifteen years ago, the lives of teen girls were changed forever when the classic coming-of-age drama A Walk To Remember premiered in theatres. In case you forgot, the movie tells the story of the seemingly impossible love connection between Landon Carter (Shane West), the misunderstood high school heartthrob, and Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore), the timid minister’s daughter who we later learn is dying of leukemia. (This was before The Fault In Our Stars, people, the concept wasn’t played out yet.)

Along with an undying love of Shane West, the confirmation that, yes, we’re still into the bad boy archetype and a newfound appreciation of homemade telescopes as a romantic gift, A Walk To Remember delivered one of the most memorable soundtracks of the early 2000s.

To celebrate the movie’s anniversary, we’re looking back at the five greatest A Walk To Remember music moments—get the tissues ready and check them out below.

5. Someday We’ll Know – Mandy Moore and Jonathan Foreman

Every romantic movie requires a good montage or two. A Walk To Remember gives us “Someday We’ll Know,” from Moore and Switchfoot frontman Jonathan Foreman. While the lyrics pose very important questions like, “Did the captain of the Titanic cry?” and “Is true love just one in a lifetime?,” Landon sheepishly asks his mom to teach him how to dance, then shows off his newfound skills to the tragically ill Jamie.

4. Dancing In The Moonlight – Toploader / It’s Gonna Be Love –  Mandy Moore

While knocking off Jamie’s bucket list items, Landon takes her to straddle state lines (crossing off her desire to be in two places at once) and we’re treated to a few seconds of the infectious “Dancing in the Moonlight.” Then, in the front seat of his car, Landon applies a butterfly tattoo to her shoulder while Moore’s dreamy ballad “It’s Gonna Be Love” plays from the stereo. For a romantic movie about a minister’s innocent daughter, this scene’s pretty steamy. We didn’t think a temporary tattoo could be so scandalous.

3. Cry – Mandy Moore

The lead track of the film “Cry” plays right as Landon wistfully stares off into the sunset, reflecting on how his short romance with Jamie changed his entire life for the better. It’s here when he delivers the last and most quotable lines of the movie: “Our love is like the wind. I can’t see it, but I can feel it.” Cue the feels.

2. Only Hope – Switchfoot

Switchfoot’s version of “Only Hope” clocks in as second best, despite being the song that plays over the memorable walk the movie’s title references. When you see what we pegged as number one, you’ll understand why.

1. Only Hope – Mandy Moore

Even 15 years later, the “Only Hope” scene still makes our hearts stir, making this song the most iconic music moment of the entire film. We just want someone to look at us the way Landon looks at Jamie (i.e. sees her with makeup/without a cardigan for the first time) in that powder blue satin gown that screams early-2000s Le Chateau.