17 Moments From The 2015 MTV VMAs That Deserve A Second Look

Things We Missed VMAs Main

1. Tori Kelly’s performance of It Should Have Been Us should have been the biggest news of the night, but was overshadowed by beefs and speeches. The singer slayed her live performance, even hitting her final verse acapella styles.
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2. Kylie Jenner’s most recent attempt to age herself five years in five minutes included giving herself bangs and shoulder pads. Gurl, just enjoy being young as long as possible.
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3. The “outside” performers, including Demi Lovato, Pharrell, and Macklemore and Ryan Lewis didn’t have shocking speeches and Miley Cyrus’ antics to rely on to keep the crowd entertained, so they did what music shows should do – perform music. All three performers put on mini-concerts for fans, a nice gesture during an award show full of “look at me” moments.
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4. Everyone was so busy talking about Nicki Minaj bringing Taylor Swift onstage with her during the opening number that we didn’t even get to discuss the fact that neither woman appeared to be singing.
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5. Miley Cyrus took a giant selfie because it’s 2015 and we still can’t get away from the damn Oscar selfie. Why did this selfie need to be taken? Kanye West was being given a mic and free reign. Filler segments should have been cut.
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6. Except for the segment with Andy Samberg and Ike Barinholtz. That was actually pretty funny.
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7. We literally just got Bieber back when it looked like Canada was about to lose The Weeknd. The fire. His hair. Why can’t we have nice things?
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8. Rebel Wilson answered the question, “Can you wear a shirt with the F word on it on national TV?” Additionally, not cool. Not cool at all.
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9. What was with a) Nicki Minaj wearing a dress she couldn’t walk in and b) Meek Mill doing nothing to help his fiancée up the stairs? #TeamDrake
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10. Nicki Minaj’s speech that included thanking her pastor and then calling Miley Cyrus a bitch is the new pre-empt “I’m not racist, but…” Calling out your pastor doesn’t really void the next comment.
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11. At some point we should probably talk about Kanye West wearing a plain, Fruit of the Loom t-shirt.
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12. At some point we should probably talk about Justin Bieber wearing a plain, Fruit of the Loom t-shirt.
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13. John Legend wore a coat with tails and jeans. Is this something we should be prepared for on future red carpets?
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14. While giving his acceptance speech, Big Sean said that Kanye has won “about 30 VMAs”. Before last night, he had only won two. Maybe that’s why he was so mad.
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15. How much do you think Kim Kardashian hated having Taylor Swift hold her as Kanye gave his speech?
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16. Twenty-One Pilots and A$AP Rocky performed and didn’t stand a chance at being remembered on a night that eventful.
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17. This doesn’t really seem that naked anymore.
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