18 Reasons Why We Worship Lorde


Fri, November, 7 by

It’s Lorde’s birthday today! The New Zealand star is 18 now (ONLY 18?!) and even though we’ve only known her for a couple of years, we’ve already fallen in love with the singer in so many ways. Take a look below at the top 18 reasons why we continue to worship Lorde.

1. Dat hair.

2. It’s just so versatile!

3. See?

4. Okay, we’re done with the hair, we swear. She’s got the most incredibly original dance moves.

5. She’s got a great sense of humour.

6. She even laughed this off.

7. Lorde does the claw better than Gaga.

8. Pure Heroine is still a mind-blowing album that we listen to all the time.

9. Her songwriting skills are above and beyond everyone else’s.

10. She’s got the Grammys to back this up.

11. She even slays songs that are not her’s.

12. She’s got the most amazing friends in the world who always support her and cheer her on.

13. She’s not afraid to ask stupid questions (because there’s no such thing as stupid questions).

14. This one’s a little biased, but she stole the show at the MMVAs this year.

15. She has quickly become a style icon that everyone looks up to.

16. She’s not afraid to take charge and be a boss bitch.

17. Her recent work on the Hunger Games soundtrack is genius and she put a lot of hard work into it.

18. And her new song from the soundtrack, Yellow Flicker Beat, is our new anthem.

Happy birthday, Lorde!!