20 Things About Pretty Little Liars That Will Never Make Sense

The end of Pretty Little Liars is sadly almost here, but on the bright side, the creators and actors have promised that all of our questions will soon be answered. During an interview backstage at the MMVAs on Sunday night, PLL actress Shay Mitchell revealed that not only is the two-hour finale amazing, but that fans will finally learn AD’s real identity (watch the full interview here).

The show has been packed with exciting mysteries and puzzles over its run, but with so many seasons, characters, and layers, making sense of it all can feel overwhelming. While we’re excited to finally get answers to some questions we’ve been asking for seven seasons, we do know that Tuesday’s supersized finale won’t be able to answer every question. Frankly, there have been many moments in Rosewood that don’t make any sense.

Here are 20 things that will never make any sense on Pretty Little Liars. Don’t miss the two-hour series finale on Tuesday, June 27 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.


How Did A/Charlotte Know How To Do Literally Everything?

Charlotte spent most of her formative years in Radley and still knew how to sneak into a dental office and put a message in Hanna’s teeth. Was the psychiatric hospital offering dental classes? How was she so brilliant with such little training and no internet access? Where did she learn to build an underground bunker by herself? Or implant tracking devices in people? Are there YouTube tutorials for all of this?

Charlotte’s Money

Recreating the Liars’ bedrooms in the dollhouse and outfitting the entire compound with cameras wasn’t free, so where did Charlotte get her evil genius funding? Was there a Kickstarter for being the worst? Let’s not forget she also had hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery while in Radley, which makes no financial or ethical sense. She couldn’t be trusted to live in the outside world but she could make her own medical decisions? We don’t think so.

The Lack of Moving Trucks in Rosewood

The DiLaurentis family and the Hastings had affairs, secret children, and killed one another, but were both like, ‘location, location, location!’ Instead of either family making the sensible decision to move, they simply left their teenaged daughters at home and hoped all the people stalking them/kidnapping them would just cool it.

The Yellow Top

That damn yellow top. How many of the same yellow tops did the costume department have on hand? Twenty? Fifty? What we’ll never understand is how a blonde girl with a yellow top was automatically assumed to be Alison DiLaurentis. Sure, she was missing, but a simple DNA test or even a glance at her face would have proven that the body actually belonged to Bethany Young.

No Alarm Systems

How many times do you have to be kidnapped and tortured before your family installs a security system? More than once, apparently.

Tippy’s Phone Number

Remember when Spencer managed to figure out a phone number from a singing bird? Yeah, that made no sense.

Mrs. Grunwald Is Not An Adult

So, Mrs. Grunwald found Alison after she ran away and then just gave her a lift instead of notifying the police? We know everyone in the nearby college thought Ali was an adult (sure Jan), but Mrs. G knew she was a kid and still didn’t alert the authorities or Alison’s parents. If she could really see the future she should have seen that Ali’s years on the run weren’t any better than being in Rosewood.

Mary Drake’s Life

How does she have money to be on the run? When did she buy the Lost Woods Inn? Why didn’t anyone notice when she was sent to Radley? Didn’t Alison or Jason ever find a photo of her mother with a twin and not think, hmmm, that’s weird?

Shana’s Murder

We watched the livestream of Shana’s murder, so we know she had a family, but it felt like there wasn’t anyone pushing for an investigation into her highly suspicious death. Didn’t anyone care that a teenager was shot seemingly out of nowhere?

Elliot Rollins

So, no one cared that a doctor was treating his wife? Right…

The Complete Obliviousness of Every Parent In Rosewood

Aria’s having an affair with her teacher, Hanna is hiding Caleb in the basement, Jason is dating his half sister Cece, Spencer is kissing her sister’s adult boyfriends, Emily has dropped out of college, and all four girls are being stalked, yet no one takes any notice. There’s not a single fit parent in this town.

The Ravenswood Twins

Remember the little girls in Ravenswood who may have been ghosts or may have just been more neglected children? What the hell was that? Same goes for the girl that visited Ashley Marin and Pastor Ted on Halloween. Why is everyone ignoring the existence of random children?

The Big Forgives

A quick recap, let’s not forget that Paige tried to drown Emily and Ezra hooked up with Aria WHEN SHE WAS A CHILD so that he could write a book on Ali who WAS ALSO A CHILD. People have no problem forgiving in Rosewood.

The Moms In Alison’s Basement

Remember when the mom’s ended up locked in Alison’s basement in the Season 6A finale? If you do, you’re definitely not a writer on the show, because they all forgot.

The Lack Of Murder Investigations

For such a small town you would think that murders would yield a large investigation, but not so in Rosewood. Emily killed Nate with no repercussions. Noel Kahn had his head chopped off and everyone yawned. But Elliot Rollins, a man the police knew was a liar and a criminal gets every cop in Rosewood on the case?

Actually, The Lack Of Any Investigation

Mona dies, comes back, and no1currs?

The Pilot

In Season 2, the girls find Duncan, a teenager/pilot who flew Ali everywhere. Seems like someone who would have a lot of information on their missing friend, right? Too bad we never heard from him again.

Unexplained Enemies

The Liars having to defend themselves against Jenna makes sense. They covered for Ali when she blinded Jenna. But what about Sara Harvey, Shana, and Sydney?

Everyone Caring About Ali

Sure, this season has shown a nicer side of Ali, even though she’s still the worst to Paige. But for five seasons we were supposed to believe the four Liars would spend all their time looking and worrying about a person who was, let’s be honest, AWFUL. Every flashback featured a new way Ali was the worst, so why were we supposed to care about her?

The Total Lack Of Awareness

How many times was the game board stolen from the next room in Season 7 without any of the Liars noticing? Ladies, pay attention.