20 Things We Think Will Happen During The Katy Perry And TLC Sleep Over

TLC announced the launch of a Kickstarter campaign this week to fund their latest and final record as a group. In only a few days, the groundbreaking group has already surpassed their goal of $150,000, with over $186,000 already pledged. One pledge-maker in particular caught the attention of TLC, with pop superstar Katy Perry donating $5,000 to the cause.

That’s right, Katy Perry is just like us and badly wants a new TLC item. Except that she can afford to donate $5,000. But otherwise, we’re totally the same!

It’s been a busy week for TLC not only with the final album announcement, but also with news that they’ll be joining Nelly as openers for NKOTB’s summer tour, which will start May 1 and include 40 dates in the US and Canada. Thanks to Perry’s donation and pledges from over 1,600 fans, TLC will hopefully be performing some new music along with their classic hits during the tour.

With her $5,000 pledge to TLC’s Kickstarter, Katy receives a sleep over party with Chili. Um, this is amazing. Two women who have fought their way into the music industry, broken records, and maintained careers for many years will be having a sleep over. There’s so much that could happen in one night and here a few of those things. Yup, we made a list.

1. Talk snack about John Mayer.

2. Talk smack about Usher.

3. Learn the routine to No Scrubs.

4. Order 10 cheese pizzas.

5. Cover themselves in condoms circa What About Your Friends and run around the neighborhood.

6. Watch the Lifetime movie about TLC.

7. Wear the Creep satin pjs.

8. Put Perry through the TLC audition process.

9. Discuss who they do like and who they don’t like in the music business.

10. Try on one another’s tour costumes.

11. Watch Katy Perry: Part of Me.

12. Record a song for TLC’s final album.

13. Make the ‘Ultimate Scrub List’ of the men they’ve dated.

14. Debate who the cutest member is of NKOTB.

15. Build forts using all their award statutes.

16. Play Girl Talk while listening to TLC’s Girl Talk.

17. Cry a little over John Mayer.

18. Cry a little over Usher.

19. Play with a Quija board.

20. Make up a dance to this DJ Earworm mash up of TLC, Nelly and NKOTB.