20 Years Later: Watch Retro Interviews With The Stars Of MuchDance 1997

much dance 1997, much vault

Grab your faux-furry bucket hat, toss on your Modrobes and slide into some neon jelly sandals—MuchDance 1997 is back in the house, TWENTY years later.

Back in ’97, there was nothing more glorious than running to HMV or Sunrise Records to grab the latest MuchMusic compilation cassette (or CD, if you were bougie)—whether it was one of the MuchDance mixes or an angsty Big Shiny Tunes collection.

Other than popping one of these bad boys into your Walkman, in the 90s, there was no other (legal) way to hear all of your favourite hits mixed together, so these mixes meant everything to teens and tweens at the time. In 2017, you can pretty much breathe on your phone and it will seamlessly curate something similar for  you.

To celebrate 20 years of this magical pop music, we dug up old interviews with the compilation’s biggest stars—right here in Much HQ, in the golden year of 1997.