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2015 Expectations Vs Reality


Now that it’s officially 2016 (we know, we’re still wondering where the last 12 months went), we’re taking the time to reflect on the year that just ended. Here’s our evaluations on our 2015 expectations matched up with what actually happened.

Expectation: Love is real


Reality: No, it’s not
2015 aka the year of the celebrity breakup.


Expectation: New music and album from Kanye


Reality: Kanye emerges as high fashion designer
And announces presidential campaign. #Kanye2020


Expectation: Adele will return and dominate the world


Reality: Adele returns with 25
World domination pending.


Expectation: Justin Bieber will continue to be an insufferable brat


Reality: Justin Bieber begins acting like a normal human
And is now back in the public’s good graces.


Expectation: Amazing technological advances based on Back To The Future


Reality: These.
Marty McFly would be really disappointed.


Expectation: Drake releases Views From The 6

drake 1

Reality: Drake doesn’t release Views
Instead, he drops a surprise album, a collaborative mixtape and the best-performing single of his entire career Hotline Bling.

drake 2

Expectation: Star Wars mania

force 1

Reality: Star Wars mania
This is one was accurate.

star wars 2

Expectation: New music and album from Frank Ocean


Reality: We’re still bumping Channel Orange three years later.
Even Adele doesn’t know where he is.