The Craziest Sh*t Said At The 2016 American Music Awards


The 2016 American Music Awards went down last night and in addition to amazing performances, the show also featured some shocking, cringe-inducing, inspiring and hilarious remarks from the co-hosts, presenters and winners.

Here’s the sh*t we can believe people said during last night’s AMAs.

“This has been a great year for music. A Tribe Called Quest has a new number one album and Jenny McCarthy is here.” Gigi Hadid may have wanted to separate those two thoughts.


“Green Day is performing and a white guy is the president. It’s the ‘90’s all over again.” Jay Pharoah isn’t sure which AMAs he’s hosting.


“Drake has 13 AMA nominations. So that means between he and Meek Mill, that’s 13 AMA nominations.” Gigi Hadid is still very invested in the Drake/Meek Mill beef.


“Listen, I love Bruno Mars. I can’t tell what colour he is so I can’t deport him.” Jay Pharoah adds Donald Trump to his list of celebrity impressions.


“Me and Nina were on Degrassi together, by the way. We’ve come a long way. Congratulations on all your success.” Drake making the ultimate Canadian reference on the American Music Awards.


“For those of you over 60, EDM is not a medical condition.” Ciara doing her part towards making the AMAs inclusive for all viewers.

“OMG it’s my best friend Drake!” Comedian and actor TJ Miller spotted his bestie Drizzy in the front row.


“This one just has my name on it, right?” Zayn Malik on his win as Best New Artist and living that solo singer life.


“Legend’s killing it! When he makes that seal noise? Killing it!” Jay Pharoah presenting his latest impression on John Legend.


“More chunes for your head top, so watch how you speak out my name.” Drake putting any rappers who hope to start a beef with him on notice.


“Us unsafe, scary theatre people wouldn’t be invited to the inauguration either. I love you, Hamilton!” Idina Menzel lamenting with Mark Cuban that neither of them would be on Donald Trump’s guest list.

“No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA.” Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong changed the lyrics of “Bang Bang” during the band’s performance.


“We may have won because Coldplay couldn’t make it tonight.” Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph thinks they won Best Alternative Album on a technicality.