6 Winners Cut Off, 1 Surprising Kiss: 2017 Golden Globes By The Numbers


The 2017 Golden Globes had everything a great film or TV series should include – humour, emotion, memorable monologues, a few cringe-inducing moments, a great soundtrack and a surprise guest appearance.

From La La Land‘s record-breaking sweep, to popular spouses, to the number of impressions host Jimmy Fallon managed to squeeze into the three hour show, here’s how the 2017 Golden Globes broke down by the numbers.

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2 Ryans from Canada nominated for Best Actor.


14 awards for film handed out.

shout outs for spouses and partners during speeches.

1,280 guests dining in the Beverly Hilton Hotel.


1 pair of actors playing the same character.


112 tables set up throughout the ballroom of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

20 or the age of Hailee Steinfeld, this year’s youngest acting nominee.

6 nominations for Moonlight.


11 awards for TV handed out.

2 tragic childhood stories.


27 actors nominated this year that have been previously nominated.

7 nominations and wins for La La Land, making it the most-awarded film in Globe history.


2 impressions by Jimmy Fallon (Chris Rock and Sting).

28 actors nominated for the first time this year.6

30 or the number of times Meryl Streep has been nominated for a Globe. She’s previously won eight times.


2 people in sunglasses inside (Michael Shannon, Billy Bob Thornton).

6 winners cut off by the music.

11 references to the US politics.

1 actor brought back to life by Jimmy Fallon.


1 surprise presenters (Hi, Brad Pitt).

1 person who yelled at the crowd to sit down.


10 bearded presenters.

3 hugs at one time for Damien Chazelle.


2 superheroes in one kiss.