25 Things Lil Wayne, Drake and Nicki Minaj Can Rap Instead of ‘Cash Money’

Lil Wayne has announced that he wants out of his contract with label Cash Money and plans on taking artists Nicki Minaj and Drake with him. Wayne, who heads Young Money, is suing Cash Money head Birdman, saying he’s owed an $8 million advance for his album Tha Carter V.

As the president of Young Money, Wayne is demanding that his exit from Cash Money includes all Young Money artists, including Drake, Nicki Minaj, Christina Milian, Lil Twist, and Mack Maine.

The biggest problem we see with the split is that so many raps by Lil Wayne, Drizzy and Nicki contain a ‘Cash Money’ name drop. It’s not like they can keep rapping about the label after the split, right? We decided to put together a few suggestions that can replace ‘Cash Money’ on past and future verses.

1. Fast Bunnies
2. Nice Honeys
3. Ray Ban Sunnies
4. Kevin Hart Is Funny
5. Haters Are Phony
6. Noses Are Runny
7. Cher and Sonny
8. Don’t Use Gunny’s
9. Sore Tummies
10. Green Blunties
11. Cookies Be Crumbly
12. Uptown Funky
13. Some Babies Are Ugly
14. English Peeps Say Mummy
15. Puppies Are Chubby
16. Gin Rummy
17. Canada The Country
18. Chocolate Is Yummy
19. Forts In A Tree
20. Houston, Whitney
21. Overpriced Attorney
22. Cheese and Bologna
23. Pool Shaped Kidney
24. Toonie and Loonie
25. Dinosaur Barney