2017 Trends That Won’t Make It To 2018


Trends, by their very nature, can’t last forever (as much as we sometimes want them to). Don’t worry—2018 will definitely bring us a whole new crop of weird, silly, and questionable trends that we’ll make fun of a year from now. But before December 31 comes and goes, we thought we’d take it upon ourselves to eulogize the 2017 trends that we’ll likely never see or hear from again.



Farewell, male rompers, aka “RompHims.” We understand why you exist—rompers are adorable, so why wouldn’t everyone want one or two of their own? But while we expect the romper trend to continue into 2018 and beyond, we don’t think RompHims gained enough traction to last past 2017. Then again, maybe we’re wrong and the male romper craze will start all over again twenty years from now. Fashion is cyclical, y’all.



Good riddance, licking Nintendo Switch cartridges. Honestly, we’re glad to see you go. We don’t know how you became a trend, or why so many people were willing to assault their taste buds on your behalf. We’re also not sure how you became a thing in the first place—who was the first person who bought a Nintendo Switch game and thought, “this definitely looks like something I want to put in my mouth”? Nevertheless, we’re 95% sure that the Nintendo Switch will reign on in 2018 and you will not.



You impressed us, Rickrolling. We thought you disappeared ten years ago, but you came back with a vengeance in 2017. Friends used you to make each other laugh and cringe, fake news outlets used you to spread false Harry Potter rumours, and the people who work on Rick and Morty (sort of) used you to get fans hyped about Season 3. We welcomed your return—your presence, though surprising, was actually sort of comforting. But while we’ll welcome you with open arms when you inevitably make a second comeback in 2027, you probably shouldn’t overstay your welcome.



Like ASMR videos, people sought you out in hordes, slime videos. You’re aesthetically pleasing. You strike just the right balance between soothing and unsettling. And that’s why it’s so hard for us to say goodbye. Don’t get us wrong—there may still be a YouTuber or two who’ll try to keep you alive in 2018. A few hardcore slime fans may even continue to find traces of glitter or glue in their kitchens well into the new year. But you’ve got to face facts and accept that you’ll never be as popular as you were in 2017.



This list wouldn’t be complete without you, fidget spinners. We’ve got to give you kudos—just when it looked like you were about to die, you came back in bar form, in cube form, and in video game form. Some people even set you on fire, and yet you still survived. 2017 wouldn’t have been the same without you. But in order for us to grow, learn, and progress in 2018, we have to let go of the past and move on to bigger and better trends. Goodbye, fidget spinners—you’ll always live on in our hearts.