Here Are The Best Memes of 2017

Meme today, gone tomorrow. In the online content rat race, the meme machine doesn’t stop for anyone or anything. Amidst all the tumultuous drama 2017 brought forward, memes provided small slices of joy and hilarity. From Salt Bae to Spongebob, here are all the memes that made this year bearable.


Salt Bae

Starting off the meme calendar year with a bang, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe, who you know better as Salt Bae, clad in a low-cut t-shirt, Ray Bans and ponytail, shared a video in which he beautifully slices a steak and flamboyantly sprinkles salt on top. Sparking imitations and parodies, Salt Bae became both a culinary sex symbol and the official Internet mascot of Being Extra.

Ottoman steak

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Roll Safe

The image of actor Kayode Ewumi pointing to his temple has usually been accompanied by bad ideas that were somehow, at the same time, kind of genius. Roll Safe promoted critical thinking, but only when it allowed us to procrastinate, be lazy and embrace the trash humans we know we are.


Drew Scanlon

Many of the year’s notable memes were used to express distaste or dissatisfaction. None did this as efficiently and hilariously as the Drew Scanlon reaction. You might not know his name, but you definitely know his face.


Spongebob Mocking

The successor to last year’s blurry Mr. Krabs, 2017 proved that the beloved, meme-worthy sponge was here to stay.


The Floor Is Lava

The Floor Is Lava took an innocent childhood game and turned it into a Twitter meme sensation. The concept was simple: The floor is something you don’t want, accompanied by a picture of someone not on the floor.


Distracted Boyfriend

This year was huge for weird stock images, and this meme is proof of that. Distracted Boyfriend worked the same way 2016’s Evil Kermit did. It represented the internal struggle within us all and the constant battle between good and evil, id and ego, what we need and what we want.


First Of All

“First of all” became the go-to clapback for any nonsense we encountered all year. Executed as real or imagined dialogue on Twitter, this meme provided the perfect segue into shutting anyone down.