How To Throw A Holiday Party For Under $100

The holidays are all fun and games until you check your credit card statement. Between gift shopping (for your nice list and yourself), vacations and outfits for special occasions, the Christmas tree might be the only green you have left. Give your wallet some relief with these cash-saving tips on how to host a holiday jam under $100.


Schedule The Party After Dinner

The best way to save money? Skip dinner. Invite your guests over after they’ve fed themselves, that way, you’ll only be responsible for post-dinner small bites and snacks.


Make A Punch

Punches are efficient for two reasons: they make your alcohol last longer and they hide the taste of cheap liquor. Opt for boxed wine and other budget boozes to mix with juices and sodas. Top everything off with holiday friendly garnishes like rosemary and cranberries to give the illusion of luxury.


DIY Your Decor

Ultra-trendy décor like sassy garlands are luckily super simple to DIY. Unleash your inner Martha Stewart and save some dough by getting crafty. Head to sites like Urban Outfitters and Anthropolgie for inspiration, and see what you can DIY with the items you already have or know you can get for cheap.


Make It A Potluck

Lessen the load by enlisting your guests to bring shareable snacks and drinks. Whether it’s chips and dip or a couple bottles of pop, a little help feeding your guests will go a long way. Be sure to kick out that one loser who brings store-bought cupcakes, though.


Buy In Bulk

Capitalize on your parents’ Costco membership or head to bulk food stores to get the most bang for your buck. If you’re thinking of making any kind of Pinterest-worthy cheese or charcuterie board, remember that getting cuts from a deli counter is always cheaper than getting pre-packaged.