Infographic: What Do These Pop Stars Want Most For Christmas?

Despite having fame and fortune, celebrities really are just like us. They shop for groceries, they binge-watch TV shows, and they put together long, unrealistic wish lists when the holiday season comes around each year.

That’s right, we said it. Every year a new crop of celebrities release their own holiday albums, and each year they use those albums to ask for things that, for the most part, we just can’t give them. A yacht? A trip to the North Pole? Not gonna happen.

Nevertheless, we put together a few handy charts to make it easier for Santa (and you) to keep track of what everyone wants, according to category. Some items were easier to categorize than others (what the heck is a sable?), but this should give you a good idea of what a few Christmas pop legends—Justin Bieber, NSYNC, Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, and Taylor Swift—want for the holidays this year and every year.



With 103 total mentions, Bieber is by far the most adamant about making sure he gets what he wants this holiday season. Most of his Under the Mistletoe asks make total sense—your body, you, etc.—but for some reason he also wants to eat a bunch of cookies. Understandable, but random.



In Home for Christmas, Justin Timberlake and the gang ask for everything from angels and snow to presents and kisses. They also toss in a random request for turkey—maybe NSYNC and Bieber should get together and have a turkey/cookie holiday feast.



With 21 total mentions, Grande is a lot more realistic than Bieber. In Christmas & Chill, Grande not only says that she wants someone to love during the holidays but also that she wants to go somewhere cold. Does she want an excuse to snuggle up closer to her new Christmas beau?



It should come as no surprise that Carey’s number one Merry Christmas request is “You” (“All I Want For Christmas Is You” is a whopping four minutes long). She also wants hugs and to be with her “baby” when Christmas rolls around, so obviously we need to make sure that Carey’s getting the love she needs and deserves this holiday season.



At 12 total mentions, Swift is clearly looking for a boo to spend the holidays with. Lower down on Swift’s wish list are a white Christmas, holiday spirit, and shiny things—which all seem like pretty reasonable requests until you realize one of the “shiny things” she wants is a convertible. Maybe next year, Taylor.