Remember These Ridiculous Holiday Album Covers?

With every new holiday season comes a slew of new musical spins on holiday classics, as well as holiday originals which, more often than not, do not become instant classics off the bat.

What does often become classic are the truly outrageous, truly wonderful pieces of album art that artists knowing allow to accompany their holiday collections. Other than a belly full of warm rum ‘n eggnog, there’s nothing quite as fun as flipping through these pieces of album art and having a good, jolly chuckle and asking yourself why.

Let’s look back shall we? All in good holiday fun, of course.


Not gonna get a tan with flared khakis, Kenny.


A rare candid moment of the boys, sipping wine and being silly.


Never forget when Death Row records put out a Christmas compilation.


If this album had been released in 2017, Liberace would be carrying full wine glasses out of restaurants with Rihanna.


Because he got high, Afroman had what looks like the most grim Christmas ever.


Dolly looks too much like Sarah Jessica Parker in Hocus Pocus for this to be a comforting festive visual.


Have you ever loved a present this much? Or sniffed a present this hard? One can only dream.


He bangs, be bangs. Even on Christmas.


Danny and Sandy are still cute AF, but we’ll never get over Travolta’s black-as-night hair/eyebrow dye.


Maybe it’s the punctuation or Blake’s distant stare, but it’s hard to feel particularly uplifted by this image.


Trip out with Hanson, man.


Imagine being a label intern in 1999 and your job was to glue a disposable camera pic of 98 degrees onto some wrapping paper.


Runner up for worst Photoshop: