The Best Commercials To Make You Laugh, Cry And Feel Hopeful This Holiday Season

Leave it to grocery stores, airlines and phone companies to create the most beautiful ads of the 2017 holiday season. From celebrity cameos, to moving soundtracks, to animated shorts that make us feel like calling everyone we know and telling them we love them, the 2017 holiday commercials did not disappoint.

As usual, the UK delivered the majority of the feel-good ads, but that doesn’t mean Canada didn’t produce their own tear jerkers. Check out the best holiday commercials of 2017, which we’ve rated out of four ugly crying Kim Kardashians.


No airline does Christmas like WestJet and this year the company teamed up with the Boys and Girls Club of Canada to find inspiration for their 2017 holiday plans. From giant gingerbread houses, to ballerinas in the baggage claim, to Colin Mochrie reading A Christmas Story, there was no shortage of holiday cheer thanks to WestJet this year. And yes, they still gave out free flights and made us cry.

Ugly Cry Level: Three


Each year, Tim Hortons sends children to camp who otherwise would not have the means to attend. This year, a group of students who attended the summer camp decided to give back by making meals for their local mission. The local Tim Hortons restaurant not only helped the kids with extra donations to the mission, but surprised the students with a new and improved library. We almost held it together until the teachers started crying. That’s not true, we were crying before that.

Ugly Cry Level: Four


This may be the longest stretch of time we’ve ever heard Liam Gallagher speak without swearing. The Oasis frontman teamed up with the Climate Coalition to remind people that climate change is real and the earth is melting, including our beloved Frosty the Snowman.

Ugly Cry Level: Four for our melting earth


Last year, Heathrow Airport used cute teddy bears to get us in the holiday spirit and this year they’ve done it again. Picture the opening and closing scenes of Love, Actually, only with bears. We are powerless against two bears in love.

Ugly Cry Level: Three


UK retailer John Lewis takes their Christmas ads very seriously and by seriously we mean they seriously make us cry every year. For 2017, we met Moz the Monster, the friendly monster under the bed who wants to play all night. The company has even added an interactive tool for viewers to create their own friendly monster.

Ugly Cry Level: Two


It’s been 20 years since M&Ms released their iconic Christmas ad showing the M&Ms and Santa both fainting after realizing the other is real. It was finally time for a sequel and in this case, a ‘very yellow sequel.’

Ugly Cry Level: Two


When the lovable Paddington Bear accidentally finds himself face to face with a human Grinch, he mistakes the thief for Santa. Paddington and his famous blue pea coat quickly get to work, helping the thief return the gifts and making everyone’s Christmas right again.

Ugly Cry Level: Two


When a little girl being raised by a single dad aspires to be a dancer, it seems like her father only has time to work and not to watch her practice. But when she freezes during her talent show, it appears her dad was watching her rehearse all along.

Ugly Cry Level: Three


The English grocery chain reimagined Seth Rogen’s Sausage Party as a G-rated love story between two carrots set on Christmas eve. Much less swearing, still a few sexy jokes (we lol’d at 9 ½ Leeks).

Ugly Cry Level: One


Grocery shopping would be a lot more fun if it was like visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. That’s exactly the premise of UK grocer Asda’s 2017 ad, which has a little girl and her grandfather exploring the wonders of a food factory.

Ugly Cry Level: One


The idea of one man and his team of elves and reindeer making it around the world in a single night to deliver presents is pretty amazing, but throw in a touch of Star Wars and we’re totally believing in the force.

Ugly Cry Level: One


In the ultimate meet-cute, a couple bump into one another on a snowy street and make the most of the winter night by dancing their way into love. Set to Sam Smith’s “Palace,” the couple’s beautiful routine makes winter look like the most romantic season.

Ugly Cry Level: Two


In a love story perfect for 2017, dealing with data issues can be enough to keep some couples apart. Thankfully for actor Martin Freeman, he fell in love with a woman with a castle and a great phone plan.

Ugly Cry Level: Two


Cinderella is adapted to 2017 for Debenhams latest holiday ad, which features a voice over and a little fairy godfather help from actor Ewan McGregor. The charming ad involves a train, a lost shoe, some hashtags, and a love story to make us swoon.

Ugly Cry Level: Two