31 Days Of Awesome: Commercials To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

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This December we’re ushering out 2015 in a new way. Join us as we count down 31 Days Of Awesome and give you something new to do, see, make, eat, or buy every day. Today’s Awesome is a look at some of the best holiday commercials from the past few years. Need a good laugh or a good cry to get you in the holiday spirit? Keep scrolling!

A pencil that makes wishes come true could totally be made into a full-length movie, but we’ll take it as a commercial. And no, we don’t know why these kids are allowed to run around their town unsupervised. Happy holidays?

Sure, Santa and his helpers live at the North Pole. But his workshop and the elves may not look like you had imagined.

Dax Sheppard and Kristen Bell have cornered the market on being the most likable couple in Hollywood and that extends to the holidays as well. In their Christmas commercial for Samsung, the two wear matching onesies, buy the tiniest of pickles, and have fun decorating their giant tree.

WestJet has a yearly tradition of making us cry of making people’s wishes come true around the holidays. And making us cry.

Coca-Cola’s 2014 holiday ad combines classic Christmas nostalgia with reminding viewers that small gestures are greater than expensive gifts.

Don’t think about how this connects to beer or what this couple’s electric bill is going to look like in January. Just focus on the twinkly lights.

If it’s unrealistic to think of one man flying around the world and delivering presents in a single night, it’s also out of the question to think all those glasses of milk and plates of cookies aren’t going to lead to the bathroom.

The Brits know how to make us weep during the holidays. UK brand John Lewis created Monty the Penguin in 2014 and along with Tom Odell performing Real Love, this commercial has us reaching for the tissues with every viewing.

In addition to John Lewis, fellow UK brand Sainsbury has a knack for making emotional commercials for the holiday season. In 2014, they recreated the Christmas Eve truce of 1914.

And here’s a Sainsbury ad with a cat, because you deserve a break after all this crying.