31 Days Of Awesome: DIY Advent Calendars

Advent Calendar Main

This December we’re ushering out 2015 in a new way. Join us as we count down 31 Days Of Awesome and give you something new to do, see, make, eat, or buy every day. Keep reading for today’s holiday awesome, a guide to making your own advent calendar!

Beauty Calendar

Make a beauty-inspired advent calendar for yourself or you make-up loving friend.

Warm Cup of Calendar

Looking to start your daily countdown to the holidays with a cup of tea or coffee? Should you really be allowed to be near family without some caffeine? We think not.

3D Boxes

Fill these cute boxes with anything from chocolates to mini candy canes to holiday movie trivia questions to sweet messages of tidings and joy. What are tidings, anyways?

Balloon Calendar

Have a family that isn’t scared of a little noise? Try this Balloon Advent Calendar to get the holidays started with a bang!

Muffin Tin Calendar

Do your delicious chocolate chip muffins look more hockey pucks than golden pillows? Use that muffin tin to make something useful, like a calendar filled with chocolate made by professionals.