31 Days Of Holiday Awesome: Easy DIY Wrapping Paper

31 Gift Wrap Main

This December we’re ushering out 2015 in a new way. Join us as we count down 31 Days Of Awesome and give you something new to do, see, make, eat, or buy every day in December.

Today’s Awesome is all about DIY wrapping for the holidays! Keep scrolling, drop the beat and get wrapping!


Wrapping a gift for a friend that you love to travel with? Maybe you went to another country this year or maybe you just like to ride the subway together. Add a personal touch to the present by using a map as wrapping paper.

1. Maps


Newspapers are an inexpensive option for gift wrapping and can be customized with markers, stickers, bows and ribbon. Just be weary of inky fingers.

2. Newspaper


We don’t recommend ripping books apart to use as wrapping paper. What we do recommend is scanning pages from your friend’s favourite book and using that as wrapping paper.

3. Books

Chalkboard Paper

Chalkboard paper is a great way to customize gifts with pictures and quotes. Plus, you save money on buying tags to stick to the present!

4. Chalkboard


Re-purpose magazines as chic wrapping paper.

5. Books

Office Supplies

Spray paint your paper clips red, green or gold and use Post-It notes to give your present some texture. Use white-out to take plain brown paper to a new, polka-dot level. Don’t know what to do with all of the weekly meeting minutes you printed from work or your class syllabus? Make a bow!

6 Office Supplies

Kids Crafts

Use pom poms to make your gifts 2D.

7 Crafts

Old Tights

Don’t throw out those tights just because they have a hole. Use them as an eco-friendly wrapping option! Maybe give them a quick wash first, though.

8 Tights

Duct Tape

Have your friends and family members exclaiming, “I can’t believe it’s real duct tape!”

9 Duct Tape